Horny Places

“Masturbating at work is more common than you think”… As well as for some of our most intimate and very common moments which, next to forthcoming duties, [...]

V for Vitalic

I just had a blurred image of a dark box where a disco ball glittered in […] Your Disco Song Christine Massy It was like a dance song in a horrible nightmare. Of [...]


Method: 1. Try to get out of bed — my biggest weakness. 2. Be honest with my gut — does the song suck or is it powerful. 3. Listen to the song a few times & make sure [...]

Fade Away

  Method: To be honest, I don’t have a specific method, each project is different and my desires are in constant evolution. What doesn’t change is a great prep work [...]

Fade Away

  Méthode: Pour être honnête, je n’ai pas une méthode précise, chaque projet est différent et mes envies évoluent en permanence. Ce qui ne change pas c’est un [...]

Second Lives

  Method: I work in advertising, television, and I primarily make video clip. About the clip, I like to listen to the piece, write a first stream — if the song speaks [...]

Second Lives

  Méthode: Je travail en publicité, télévision et clip vidéo principalement. Je fais également du documentaire et démarre la fiction. En clip, j’aime écouter [...]

Poison Lips

Method: It depends on the project. But it always starts with a lot of writing. Notes, ideas, and the script of course. Even for a purely visual film like Poison Lips, the [...]

Your Disco Song

  Méthode: J’aime la simplicité, et rencontrer artiste pour essayer de comprendre au mieux sa personnalité, puis m’en inspirer. Première impression: [...]

Your Disco Song

  Method: I love the simplicity, meeting an artist to try to better understand his personality, then it inspires me. First impression: I just had a blurred image of a [...]