The Jimi Hendrix Experience


  From now, if you see a man singing at the phone and playing cutlery, typewriters or a tennis racket as if it’s a guitar, don’t worry so much, those notes [...]


  Da oggi, in caso scorgeste per strada un uomo cantare alla cornetta di un telefono e suonare posate, macchine da scrivere o una racchetta da tennis come fosse una [...]

50 Years Experience

Fifty years ago, Jimi Hendrix and photographer/designer Karl Ferris were cooking up a mix of psychedelic music and imagery. The Jimi Hendrix Experience debut studio album Are [...]

Single Point

The art by Bernard Pras is linked to a single amazing event. One day, a chemist explained to him that the cadmium’s red of paint tubes used by artists was the same one [...]