Scoria dell’Arte

Have you ever wondered if the great masters of modern art had lived today? What would be the models of reference for their works and how would they represent the reality, [...]


Without doubt the most known and celebrated artist ever, Vincent van Gogh is inevitably the one who has seen a lot in terms of tributes — as the 2017 first fully painted [...]

Joys of Life

Well known for his cheeky animated gifs, Nimura Daisuke grew up seeing the artworks of mangaka Akira Toriyama and trying to imitate his artworks — Nimura was very glad that [...]

Pop Space

When your mind is like a sponge for stuff like art and pop icons, just like Fab Ciraolo’s, you can’t get enough, you want more and more … Continue [...]

Shining Eyes

  Benjamin Messina è un cameraman e montatore che con il suo Street Art Rome, utilizzando Hyperlapse e producendo musica da solo, ha catturato molti occhi, dai [...]

Shining Eyes

Benjamin Messina is a camera operator and editor who caught many eyes — from Street Art and video supporters to common people — with his Street Art Rome, by using [...]