Santa Claus


Behind the poignant and acerbic cynicism of Jaik Olson’s satirical illustrations, lies the sweet heart of a bitter pup jaded by a dissatisfaction with everyday life. A [...]

War and Peas

This is about an ongoing webcomic made by two individuals, Elizabeth Pich and Jonathan Kunz, working under the nice name of War and Peas. Bounded by fate and an obsession for [...]

Dance of the Times

This is the dance of our times, all together and out come the knives Woe to you who want to stay out You will be nothing but a traitor, so shove it in your [...]

This Crazy Christmas

Everybody loves lights going on and off, the snow coming down to the music — Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow — or Santa coming down the chimney, at a certain time [...]

Human Brush

Jean Jullien is the widely-adored French illustrator whose incredible popularity stems from his clear enthusiasm, nay obsession, with interpreting the world around him. From [...]


Without doubt the most known and celebrated artist ever, Vincent van Gogh is inevitably the one who has seen a lot in terms of tributes — as the 2017 first fully painted [...]


What about us in the next thirty years or less? What about our lives, our cultures, our art? As far as we can see, no one knows what the future holds and we can only imagine [...]

Santa Classics

Ed Wheeler has researched hundreds of paintings and finds that certain compositions beckon to him for a “Santa intervention.” Often Santa replaces a main figure in a [...]

Creepy Studio

Jim Benton began his career in a custom design t-shirt shop where he started designing his own characters, among them Franny K. Stein. At the same time, he did illustrations [...]


Norman Rockwell was a prolific artist, producing more than four thousand original works in his lifetime. Most of his works are either in public collections, or have been [...]