Emotional Self

There is a need in every human being, that of expressing itself and its abilities. As for Jessica Tremp, this meant to be hours locked away in her room scribbling on fresh [...]

Going to Hell

Raised by strict religious parents who convinced her she was going to hell when she died, Angela Strassheim is another of those artists able to cause strong feelings and a [...]


Roberto Kusterle began with painting and installation in the 1970’s, before identifying photography as the ideal means for his artistic expression. During the following [...]

Butterfly Witch

What Laura Makabresku is constantly trying to give birth to, with her camera, is some reality of a possible kind for which we are probably longing, which we desire, which [...]

Light Witch

Often classified as part of the new romantic movement, the visions by Courtney Brooke focus on the local in an ever-globalizing world, just as part of the collective memory. [...]

Corpus Tenebrosum

No Picture
The sinuosity of female body lines is at the center of the study by Twitchkowitz, Spanish photographer from Palma De Mallorca, to the point of getting rid of its human [...]

Pink Fuzz

Pink, turquoise, hairs on the legs and in the armpits, pubic fuzz spilling from panties. The world of Arvida Byströms is something caramel and polymath, it deals with [...]

Faceless House

This is about Samara, an average Russian city where the flight of time has stopped: a racy city, which nevertheless seems faceless. This is a repetitive nightmare haunted [...]

Rainbow Gathering

“Naked and half-naked people ran up to me to hug me and tell me they loved me, a group of hippies sang Krishna songs, and others were dancing to the drums while someone [...]

Flesh Love

You, who are standing on the earth, no matter where you are, love the person in front of you After his first Flesh Love, Hal returned with a project called Flesh Love [...]