Lewis Carroll

Soul’s Choice

“There are times in our lives when we must make choices based more on instinct than intellect. Often, the soul recognizes its choice before the rational mind has time to [...]

Rabbit with Mask

Inspired by the magic pet world of Beatrix Potter and her Tale of Peter Rabbit, Shae Syu has focused on rabbit artwork since 2013, finding inspiration from her two beloved [...]

Victorian Giants

Alice Liddell and Lewis Carroll are the guest stars of a fascinating exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London next spring, together with other three of the most [...]

Fond of Children

During his tenure at the University of Oxford, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, a mathematics lecturer, met the family of then-dean Henry Liddell and began spending time with his [...]

Alice Underground

  Il sonno della ragione genera mostri Francisco Goya   Quanto tempo dedichi al ragionamento nell’atto della creazione? Lavoro in maniera molto istintiva, [...]

Alice Underground

  The dream of reason produces monsters Francisco Goya   How much time do you devote to reasoning, during the act of creation? I work in a very instinctive way, so [...]

The private life of heroes

Born in 1967, Grégoire Guillemin, aka “Léon”, refuses to let his childhood passions fade quietly into the past. Science fiction, comic books, and video games still [...]

Acciari Private

“Certe volte ho creduto fino a sei cose impossibili prima di colazione” — cit. Lewis Carroll: In che stato affronti la colazione? Ci sono delle idee che mi [...]