Katsushika Hokusai

Big Plans

Clive Roddy is a designer and maker based in a small rural town near Bath, UK. He has a genuine love for products and has been relentlessly designing and making things for [...]

Art from another galaxy

Contrary to what one might think, Dave is the least imaginative person you’ll ever meet. What he’s good at is taking other people’s great imagination and using it [...]

Love is in the Waves

Inspired by Pug, French bulldog, Fitness and Dream, Chalermphol Harnchakkham aka Huebucket is a self-taught illustrator who creates art to express himself and enjoys making [...]

Dark side of Social networks

Strongly influenced by events and contemporary culture, Francesco Vullo is one of the most brilliant re-makers of famous paintings, surreal representations and ironic objects [...]

The Drunk Boat

Like a faint trail in the trash of a humankind ineluctably indifferent to its host planet, the art by Pejac gently appears on the surface of things, a final beauty’s [...]