Paper Roll Panic

Panic has always the power to blur our mind and make us overlook some rather important details. After the assault on the shelves in search of food, soon it was realized that [...]

Greeting Card

To Mark Vash, the best way to wish something seems has always been through a certain kind of greeting cards. A little strong humor that, in a world increasingly susceptible [...]


Biratan Porto Ubiratan Nazareno Borges, aka “Biratan”, was born in Belém do Pará, Brazil, on October 1950, and graduated in Publicity and Propaganda at the Federal [...]

War and Peas

This is about an ongoing webcomic made by two individuals, Elizabeth Pich and Jonathan Kunz, working under the nice name of War and Peas. Bounded by fate and an obsession for [...]

Hipster Nativity

Mary and Joseph taking a selfie with Baby Jesus. Three Wise Men on Segways carrying Amazon Prime boxes. 100% Organic cow eating Gluten-free feed. Shepherd Snapchatting the [...]

Superhero in the New World

If he was a superhero, Joseph Nowak’s catchphrase would be: “I appreciate that you need my help but I’m in the middle of something.” Bright, bizarre or [...]


Best known for his Breakdancing Jesus series, Cosmo Sarson grew up surrounded by Hip Hop, skateboarding, break dancing and graffiti. Normally, all this influenced his work, [...]

Choose Art

As one of the finest retouchers we’ve seen so far, Mehmet Geren chose art icons to express his creative universe and humour. As you well know, he’s not the first [...]

Is That All There Is

Saint Hoax is a Syrian satirist and socio-political activist, infatuated by the element of pop. He uses various mediums, including oil painting, lenticular printing and [...]


As many sensitive souls who still have problems with modern constructions such as consumer culture, drug use, police brutality and global terror, Sara Zaher tries to make her [...]