Superhero in the New World

If he was a superhero, Joseph Nowak’s catchphrase would be: “I appreciate that you need my help but I’m in the middle of something.” Bright, bizarre or [...]


Best known for his Breakdancing Jesus series, Cosmo Sarson grew up surrounded by Hip Hop, skateboarding, break dancing and graffiti. Normally, all this influenced his work, [...]

Choose Art

As one of the finest retouchers we’ve seen so far, Mehmet Geren chose art icons to express his creative universe and humour. As you well know, he’s not the first [...]

Is That All There Is

Saint Hoax is a Syrian satirist and socio-political activist, infatuated by the element of pop. He uses various mediums, including oil painting, lenticular printing and [...]

Cave! Cave! Deus Videt

Do you think that Jesus and some Renaissance master would be glad to see your works? Ha, the old masters would probably hate it, but I think Jesus would be down. I like to [...]

Jesus & the clouds

He is an important character in my artistic universe, even if he doesn’t show himself that much for now. Representing Jesus in ridiculous situations is my way of nicely [...]

Acid Baby Jesus

  D’Athènes, les visions acides de certains bébé Jésus Où pouvons-nous trouver aujourd’hui «vegetable»? Noda – Dans ton magasin de disques [...]

Acid Baby Jesus

  From Athens, the acid visions of some baby Jesus Where we can find the “vegetable” today? Noda – In your local record shop, hearing it on the internet or [...]