Henri Matisse

Limited Editions Club

In 1929, George Macy founded the Limited Editions Club, publishing finely illustrated books that were limited to 1500 copies and signed by the author or artist. He worked [...]

Rabbit with Mask

Inspired by the magic pet world of Beatrix Potter and her Tale of Peter Rabbit, Shae Syu has focused on rabbit artwork since 2013, finding inspiration from her two beloved [...]

Santa Classics

Ed Wheeler has researched hundreds of paintings and finds that certain compositions beckon to him for a “Santa intervention.” Often Santa replaces a main figure in a [...]

Painters in Color

As in the case of Paris Coloré, this time someone found a good reason to color old photos of visual artists in order to make them more close to us, just by reducing the [...]


And if Pablo Ruiz y Picasso wakes up one day and realizes everything that happened to his work and his image while he was away? How would the great pride of a Spanish [...]


No Picture
Many artists are poised between an era and another. Our times offer us the opportunity to know many styles and manners that blend with each other and that, above all, are [...]

In Windows

Every face, every shop, bedroom window, public‐house, and dark square is a picture feverishly turned — in search of what? Virginia Woolf For more than a couple of decades [...]