Francisco Goya

Dirt Series

Modernism is typically defined as the condition that begins when people realize God is truly dead, and we are therefore on our own By working in series, often in unusual [...]

Alice Underground

  Il sonno della ragione genera mostri Francisco Goya   Quanto tempo dedichi al ragionamento nell’atto della creazione? Lavoro in maniera molto istintiva, [...]

Alice Underground

  The dream of reason produces monsters Francisco Goya   How much time do you devote to reasoning, during the act of creation? I work in a very instinctive way, so [...]


No Picture
Many artists are poised between an era and another. Our times offer us the opportunity to know many styles and manners that blend with each other and that, above all, are [...]

No Selfie

The sleep of reason produces monsters Where do your characters come from? Most of our ideas come from the — unconscious — dephts of our imagination, dreams and [...]