Long Story Short

Daniel Beyer grew up between Woodstock, Illinois, and Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Turns out, they were both home to some rather famous cartoonists: Chester Gould — Woodstock [...]

Sucker Tom

Once again we are dealing with something that requires some experience and open-mindedness about everything that is currently around us, so obsessively, which is often pure [...]

Daily Sacrifice

There are people who tend to gravitate toward extremes in an effort, just to explore how an excess of something beautiful can become oppressive. Similarly, Christopher [...]

In this world

So sensitive to the major events around him in this world, Marco Melgrati is a real-life truth teller. He is able to see the essence of social problems today and dress them [...]


How many things you can do with eggs, you ever thought of that? Someone did, and it’s still going on, especially in art, where eggs have become one of the most [...]

Nothing to say

The characters created by Marion Fayolle just need to interact with each other, not quite in so many words. When she writes some of her stories, Marion doesn’t really [...]

Into the structures

There comes a day when we suddenly realize the right way to pay a tribute to all that we really love and makes our heart beat faster. That’s what happened to Anna [...]

Indigenous Habitat

As a product of Globalization, born in London, 1981, to Cypriot parents, and now living in New York, Petros Chrisostomou explores the idea of the indigenous habitat, by [...]

Pop Chika

Never particularly loved a certain kind of art made in Japan. Yet, by dint of looking, our eyes are getting used to it, in order to be able to even catch some of its nuances. [...]

I almost have it!

“I would have preferred to get away further from home — I grew up twenty miles north of Stuttgart —, but it’s a really terrific school, and so I decided that [...]