Junker Jane

Nothing compares to childhood experiences, and it is from this that Catherine Zacchino pulls most of her ideas. As a child, she was always fascinated by anything otherworldly [...]

Plastic Arcimboldo

The italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo, from the 1500s, finds a new life in the humanoid busts and portraits by Freya Jobbins who uses a very non-traditional material: [...]

Dragging Dolls

The happiest people are those who live for the moment, like children dragging their dolls around with them, dressing and undressing them, and, when they get what they want, [...]

Anything is possible

It’s easy to believe in magic when you’re young. Anything you couldn’t explain was magic then. Electricity and elves were both infinitely mysterious and [...]

Histoires du vide-grenier

  L’Art a le pouvoir de donner possibilités infinies et couches dimensionnelles: quel est le “espace” de ton travail? Je passe énormément de temps chez les [...]

Just a series of coffee cups

These pieces have been tormenting me my entire life, starting way back when I was a child. Being the youngest of seven children made it impossible to be heard. Eccentric [...]


Cara Carmina: cosa ti hanno rivelato le bambole da piccola? Mi hanno aiutato a superare momenti difficili, a capire me stessa. A ripensarci, le tenevo sempre ben vestite e [...]