David Capone

Stay Home

It’s been a while since Snoopy dropped out of sight. I decide to take myself away from my home commuting and go down to get some fresh air. It’s a wonderful spring day. [...]

A kiss is (not) just a kiss

These days, in some countries such as Italy, the virus seems to have brought back to the surface all the anxieties and inconsistencies which were dragging along into the [...]


And while people stay locked in their houses and start singing, cheering, or drawing rainbows and words like “it’s gonna be ok”, I shake my head and think [...]

No Mask

It’s all everybody’s talkin’ about. Maybe also because, for some time now, there was nothing more to talk about. We had no such important topics to tackle the media [...]

Dreaming Painting

Imagine reopening your eyes, lulled by the slight breaking of the waves, and voices muffled by a warm breeze. You just chose to walk away for a while, leaving everything [...]

Kids Forever

But in the end one needs more courage to live than to kill himself Albert Camus It’s been the last season of a certain way of playing and living a Rock ‘n’ [...]

Anti-Virus Mask

It’s been one of the most addictive calls to action of the new millennium, fomented by some political choices and the media scare sirens, which rode the wave of the new [...]

I don’t care

  I don’t care about Sanremo, for about twenty years now. I realize that the festival has started again this year, just by the video of the performance by Achille [...]

Me ne frego

  Me ne frego di Sanremo, da circa un ventennio ormai. Che il festival sia iniziato anche quest’anno, me ne accorgo solo dal video dell’esibizione di Achille [...]