Vertigo Art

Often dealing with space and planets, it can happen to feel a sense of vertigo when it comes to collage art. Maybe that’s the reason why art director Mohanad Shuradeih [...]

Collage Class

There was a time when, even at school, we used to cut out images from books and magazines, hidden in the desks — maybe during math classes. Those were hard times, we [...]


Welcome to an imaginary world where animals go to work, tyrants reveal a difficult adolescence and femme fatales have makeup problems. This shifted vision of the universe in [...]


Without doubt the most known and celebrated artist ever, Vincent van Gogh is inevitably the one who has seen a lot in terms of tributes — as the 2017 first fully painted [...]

Flower Power

There’s a magic family who believes that collage can create beautiful visual contrasts and can also give old material new life. As a member of this family, Guy Catling [...]


It all started when Stephen McMennamy happened to see images of a banana and the Empire State Building at the same time. He stitched them together in PicFrame and was [...]