Mad Distortion

  If you could modify some aspects of reality, where would you begin? If I had to change the reality of someone I would start with my reality, it’s not my [...]

Gold Leaf

Art is a line around your thoughts Gustav Klimt Do you think everyone who is dedicated to art have so important thoughts to outline? It’s subjective. If something resonates [...]

Aesthetic Sensational

The beauty of Street Art, as many say, is to find something unexpected on your way, while you’re completely absorbed in the perimeters of your thoughts. And sometimes [...]

My Blood

Many loves, in different stages of their lives, underestimate one of the most distinctive traits of personality. That is the blood type. A mixture of kissing subjects, to [...]

Rebecca à Paris

Bonjour et meilleurs vœux à tous ! Et pour bien commencer l’année : Vous êtes chaleureusement conviés le Jeudi 8 Janvier prochain à la soirée de vernissage de [...]

My little sweet nightmares

  A different world cannot be built by indifferent people Peter Marshall Do you have a surefire method to protect your creatures against the cold machine of our world? [...]

Miei piccoli dolci incubi

  Un mondo differente non può essere costruito da persone indifferenti Peter Marshall Hai un metodo infallibile per proteggere le tue creature dai freddi meccanismi del [...]

Always something

  Do you think the height of the paintings in museums pay little attention to the look of a child? Of course yes! They don’t pay attention to the view of a child. [...]

Sempre qualcosa

  Pensi che l’altezza dei dipinti nei musei presti poca attenzione allo sguardo di un bambino? Ovviamente sì! Non si presta alcuna attenzione alla vista di un [...]