Melting faces § Stories § District

  A wall, three cultures, three memories, three street artists: A journey into the half-breed heart of Torpignattara This is an emotional journey into the deep essence [...]

Street & Gallery

The punk rock connection to graffiti is as strong as any subculture’s — or of any people who feel marginalized in effect or practice by the dominant culture preventing [...]


  In an age in which “everything has already been said,” standing out as an artist, among thousands of artists, has become increasingly a difficult task, [...]


  You were able to donate an unprecedented poetic vision, often even nostalgic, to the dark environments of a neighborhood as Scampia: you have just done your job, or [...]

The first cry

  How did the idea of a documentary on “the first cry”? Being able to film a birth is a huge gift that parents make to you. Having the good fortune to witness this [...]

Into the channel flow

  With Slumdog Millionaire you won the Oscar for Best Achievement in Cinematography. What are the tricks of the trade — and of life — that you feel to reveal to [...]


Ha dato un volto ad alcuni dei personaggi più “oscuri” del cinema italiano, ma ne avrebbe fatto volentieri a meno. Qual è il momento cruciale della vita in cui [...]


Da dove nasce questo tuo sprezzo verso tutto e tutti? Sei davvero così stronzo? No, sono anche più stronzo di quello che sembra! Lo sprezzo nasce dal fatto che viviamo in [...]

Ho vinto l’oscar

“Io non volevo…” Che a farmi degno dei miei primi riconoscimenti familiari, alla fine fosse proprio questo film: uno degli episodi più eclatanti di quanto il sistema [...]

Passing Time

  Artist, photographer and filmmaker from Netherland, is the father of two children who have made him known to the whole world. How did the idea to document the growth [...]