The Bigger Picture

Winner of various awards — including the BAFTA for Best Short Animation —, with The Bigger Picture, Daisy Jacobs has deftly drawn a razor’s edge between flat art and [...]

Paper Cut London

Phil Evans used a variety of paper stocks, with the resulting prints being scanned and photographed after they had been drawn on/creased/cut/dyed accordingly. The footage was [...]

Finding Truth

Steve Cutt’s work is a satire on the way we live, using black humour to convey a darker message. The topics he chooses are fundamental aspects of modern society that [...]

Vine Star

American Vine star, film-maker and YouTube personality based in Los Angeles, Zach King is most known for his “magic vines” — six-second videos digitally edited [...]

The Day of Forevermore

Luna dreams of being free. But her mother, an elderly, demented witch, wants her to take over the farm, because she’s been doing it for several years, and she wants to [...]


It’s been 20 years since Danny Boyle introduced movie audiences to characters like Mark Renton, Sick Boy, Spud, and Begbie. “It’s like 20 years later, and it’s the [...]


Have you ever thought about what would happen, how and what would you feel if you were suddenly in a blackout for longer than expected? What would happen to your everyday [...]

Never Stop Playing

Where did the idea to express your creativity through a banana? The original idea allowed the object to be anything, not necessarily the banana, we just knew that it had to [...]


Our physical and virtual realities are becoming increasingly intertwined. Technologies such as VR, augmented reality, wearables, and the internet of things are pointing to a [...]

Cantar con Sentido

The story of the Chilean composer, songwriter and visual artist Violeta Parra in a touching animation, on permanent show at the Museo Casa Natal de Violeta Parra, in San [...]