The elegant art guide

Poor sexual performance can be a warning sign of future medical problems This is just what the farmer’s wife of American Gothic by Grant Wood says to her husband, in one of [...]

Living Wallpaper

Commissioned by Publicis — a team which share a lift, a café, a bike rack and a philosophy —, illustrator Katie Scott and motion graphics designer James Paulley created [...]

Job, Joris & Marieke

Three names for one of the most creative animation studio of the planet — even if the name is not so creative, according to the three guys from Utrecht. In 2015 their A [...]

Dreamy Craftsman

By making films in a special dreamy context, Virgilio Villoresi is known as the “craftsman of Italian cinema”. When he was a kid, he was a ballet dancer, then he grew [...]

Living Painting

Turn off notifications and raise the volume: relax for a few seconds and press the play button to be teleported to Japan in the 19th Century. What you will see are ten [...]

Be the person your dog thinks you are

A wrongdoing bogeyman tries to trap a fox, but Iggy saves the day. A rabbit finds itself under siege, caught in the crossfire as rocks are thrown in its direction, but Iggy [...]

This is London

War seems no longer such a remote possibility, and perhaps some warriors, and especially weapons, from the past are not so terrifying as they used to be, actually, [...]


Best known for his Supervenus short, Frédéric Doazan is a French animator, experimental filmmaker and motion designer with a great sense of humour. He hasn’t studied [...]


  Things will disappear like tears in the rain   Your relationship with the hands of the clock: I don’t know if I live a symbiotic or dependent relationship [...]

Puppet Theatre

Author of cult films and shorts like Alice, Faust, Jabberwocky, Little Otik or Lunacy — a surreal comic horror based on two works of Edgar Allan Poe and the life of Marquis [...]