Just as You are

To Melanie, there is still a lot of judgement in relation to being female and free, and open in being sexual and active. When a man has many lovers it is a status thing, but [...]

Master of Covers

This is a great story filled with hypnotic surreal elements. It starts in 1968, when Storm, along with Aubrey Powell, founds the graphic art group Hipgnosis, and between them [...]

Stories for Ways and Means

Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Bon Iver, Laura Marling, Devendra Banhart and more for a “literary mixtape” of grown-up children’s stories. Someone says this is not a book for [...]


5 girls revive the psychedelic atmospheres of the Swinging London by ’66/’67. We are not at the UFO club, but it does not take so long to relax and get carried [...]

A Natural

A Natural Cover
You’re one of the most famous kids of Rock’n’Roll: How did you come to be in that pool? Thank you, you’re nice. I was tossed in a pool as a baby [...]


Sleeveface Cover
Now become the last possible way to get money out of the few music fans remained — in the end, the cd battle saw prices collapse, as always too late —, our vinyl friends [...]

See you on Mars?

See you on Mars
It’s not that I particularly love to celebrate someone just when he takes the last train to the stars, but sometimes, waking up in the morning with one of your special [...]

I gatti mézzi

I gatti Cover
Com’è che proprio quest’anno sei tornato a fare il presepe? Un fatto di nostalgia? Sono un Nerd, adoro qualsiasi forma ludica aggregante in cui mi possa [...]


baustelle cover
Berlin, maybe more than other cities, is a large, continuous construction yard. A forest of cranes besieges the central districts although no neighborhood is really safe, no [...]

Montage of Heck

Hisko Hulsing MoH rec
“You know, someone can feel all of this pain right into his extremely sensitive soul, and this makes him a martyr and a super hero. Through his shinin’ everyday [...]