I don’t care

  I don’t care about Sanremo, for about twenty years now. I realize that the festival has started again this year, just by the video of the performance by Achille [...]

No country for young men

  The country lost another chance to keep quiet. Or perhaps to try to listen, to consider what their young inhabitants had to say. If, on the one hand, it seemed to [...]

Abbey Road

It’s one of the most crossed roads in the world, basically since August 8, 1969, the day Iain Macmillan took the world famous cover photo for the Beatles’ Abbey [...]

The Beatles Rockband

And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make Commissioned by art director Ryan Lesser, project lead Josh Randall and producer Pete Maguire at Harmonix/MTV [...]

When you are free, you get killed

Do you remember the child they all isolated, beaten and called weirdo at school, at the park or at some teenage party? Someone even dreamed to make that stupid existence [...]

The Gemma

I told ya I was trouble… Amy, we still miss you! Camden Town. The cultural and cheap side of London. Tonnes of records at 10/12 £ max. Smiths, PearlJam, Led Zeppelin, [...]


  From now, if you see a man singing at the phone and playing cutlery, typewriters or a tennis racket as if it’s a guitar, don’t worry so much, those notes [...]

Enter Sandman (with dildos)

“Now we know what it was that entered the sandman”. This is just one of the comments on this video of a man playing drums on Metallica’s Enter Sandman [...]

One Night Stand

Dawn’s almost knocking at the door, chasing the dragon thru an emotional perception of reality. It’s hard to keep in touch, but the lonely damaged man tattooed on the [...]

Just Do It

Bjenny “Ben” Montero is a cartoonist who likes kids books and a musician who thinks music is not that therapeutic but instead it’s hell, so he finds that very [...]