Common People

It was around 1988, when Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker met the girl of one of his most famous hits, Common People. He was having a conversation with her at the bar at college [...]


Since his early childhood, when his grandmother read him a book, Nikolay — Nicholas — Tolmachev let loose in his world made of bizarre images. Most of all, he liked [...]

Ashes Vinyl

Your ashes playing forever through a record? With the comeback of the vinyl, the UK company Andvinyly made up a little bizarre package, wich is to take your actual cremated [...]

Into Her Eyes

“The eyes tell all. If you look long and deep enough into those portals, she’ll tell you her story“. To Brian M. Viveros, the eyes are always the most important [...]

Beautiful Obscene

Maternity, exhibitionism, fetishism or obscenity, everything can deal with beauty if you know the rules and the potential of your means. Jan Saudek is one of those with a [...]


Starting from a sculptural sensibility, William Cobbing’s art practice encompasses a diverse range of media, including video, photography and installation. Performative [...]

Shapes of Union

Inspired by her visit to the amazing Alhambra in Granada, Spain, also a moment for her to reflect upon the seminal experience of exclusion as a woman from Mosques, a space of [...]

Urban Mythology

There have been many attempts to imagine the extreme effects of our invasion of the planet. Among these, the one of Josh Keyes is definitely the most satirical look, though [...]

The Bigger Picture

Winner of various awards — including the BAFTA for Best Short Animation —, with The Bigger Picture, Daisy Jacobs has deftly drawn a razor’s edge between flat art and [...]

Dark side of Social networks

Strongly influenced by events and contemporary culture, Francesco Vullo is one of the most brilliant re-makers of famous paintings, surreal representations and ironic objects [...]