They’re among Us

Mona Lisa has never been so close, as well as the wonderful Bouguereau figures or eternal stars like Elvis and Marilyn, even if sometimes they’re a little too abused, [...]

Golden Gravel

Maybe referring to the brightly multicoloured rock gardens, Akiya Kageichi chose to collect all his astrological imagery under the name of Golden Gravel. His sinister [...]


Before entering in caricature universe, Ehsan Ganji was working on literature and fiction. Since 2001, he has participated in different international cartoon festivals and [...]

Quiet Essence

Urban illusions, still lifes and scents of women, this is the essence of the Evgeny Kornienko’s universe, who manages to catch the sensuality of every form, with his [...]

Destination Tijuana

The summer of 1969, that of Woodstock, Neil Armstrong, John and Yoko, Janis Joplin, Charles Manson, Vietnam War Protests, Stonewall Riots, Jimi Hendrix… And the summer [...]

Evening on 46th Street

A dancer is waiting for her train, early evening, while a man on the same platform starts to take photographs of her. They’re on Queens Boulevard, NYC, the dancer is [...]

Journey to Uncertainty

Since the 1950s, a man working studio taken photographs in the streets of Hong Kong, documenting the intriguing life around him. Rolleiflex in hand, he took to the streets, [...]

Emotional Aura

As enigmatic as his realistic and sometimes disturbing creatures, Ron Mueck commands an uncanny ability to amaze with his obsessive level of surface detail and intense [...]

Dual Condition

The human being invented by Jean-Louis Corby seems to lead a so asexual and “empty” existence. It is represented in its duplicity, strength, subtlety, lack of [...]

Expanding Limbs

As in a childhood nightmare — well recalled in Michel Gondry’s The Science of Sleep — limbs in Gerardo Feldstein’s tiny figures expand dramatically, leaving [...]