Behind Bars

As prisoners, trapped in dark cells, where the only light creeps through the bars of a bar code, our beats definitively prey to the noise, chopped up by the endless beeps of [...]

Horny Places

“Masturbating at work is more common than you think”… As well as for some of our most intimate and very common moments which, next to forthcoming duties, [...]


Canvases by Rinat remind of a black-and-white pictorial review and war-time sketchbooks of the Soviet period. Using the style of an archive document, the artist consummately [...]

Finding Truth

Steve’s work is a satire on the way we live, using black humour to convey a darker message. The topics he chooses are fundamental aspects of modern society that [...]


The benches are no longer the same. No longer places of meeting and sharing, of emotions and first kisses. They are now a reflection of a past love, places of solitude and [...]

Galante Literature

Édouard-Henri was a soldier before starting his career in art. He was awarded with the Legion of Honour for his actions in the Franco-Prussian War. Biographical material of [...]

Master of Covers

This is a great story filled with hypnotic surreal elements. It starts in 1968, when Storm, along with Aubrey Powell, founds the graphic art group Hipgnosis, and between them [...]

Faceless House

This is about Samara, an average Russian city where the flight of time has stopped: a racy city, which nevertheless seems faceless. This is a repetitive nightmare haunted [...]

Classical Star Wars

Fascinated by the construction of myths & idols, Travis wondered to how we, as humans, determine what will be raised to popular culture or elevated to divine cult, and [...]

Impossible Ideas

Hired to create imagery for the likes of Absolut Vodka, Samsung, and Honda right out of school, Sven has a talent for transforming impossible ideas into surreal and complex [...]