In this world

So sensitive to the major events around him in this world, Marco Melgrati is a real-life truth teller. He is able to see the essence of social problems today and dress them [...]


Ever tried to Google the word school? A really nice and colorful experience indeed. A wonderful world will open up for you with many smiles and nothing that could disturb or [...]


How many things you can do with eggs, you ever thought of that? Someone did, and it’s still going on, especially in art, where eggs have become one of the most [...]

Not much about almost anything

As Forrest Gump in his incredible life story, Marcos Severi doesn’t know much about almost anything, too. Recently he got his Fine Arts teaching degree and he’s [...]

Butterfly Specimen

Colorful wings, long shadows and subtle details, which suggest a transparent glass surface, just to create a suggestive level of depth designed to enforce the head-turning [...]

Right Direction

How many people love to be part of flowing life, by experiencing all kind of feelings inside this terrific frightening stream? Kürşat Zaman is one of them. His aim is just [...]

Magic Coffee Hair

His name is Jim, but most people call him Jim … No questions are asked of Jim Shoenbill frequently, but he seems to have a lot to answer when he tries to imagine [...]

No More Sleep

The woods are lovely, dark and deep But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep We don’t know so much about him but, just like every other time, [...]