Things will disappear like tears in the rain   Your relationship with the hands of the clock: I don’t know if I live a symbiotic or dependent relationship [...]

Natural History Surrealist Sculpture

Totally handmade and painted with no more tools than fingers and a paint brush, each creation by Ellen Jewett is unique and produced in a fluid and intuitive manner. The [...]


When a place starts dying, then its people die a little bit, too. Palmitas was a boring and non-descript hillside in Pachuca, Mexico, until the day Germen Crew, a youth [...]

Insane 51

Recently dealing with his double exposure works, requiring 3D glasses and led light for full view, Insane 51 is a Greek mural artist based in Athens. He started off as a [...]


Always so happy to see something on your way forcing you to stop, even for a few moments, and takes you away with the shades of a new emotion. Maybe this is still the purpose [...]

Timeless Nights

After a period of angry political satire and wicked cartoons, Andrei Popov stopped to meditate in the moonlight and found a more humane way to see things. Then, a little like [...]

No Beauty without Pain

This is no longer a comfortable place for any of us. The blood of our most terrible thoughts and “zombie moments” flows across the streets, even if something [...]

Street Face

Best known for his black and white street photography taken with a flash at arm’s length from his subjects, Bruce Gilden brazenly pursues photography that tries to bare [...]

Post War Dream

Oh Maggie, Maggie what have we done? In 1980, Raymond Depardon is commissioned by a British newspaper to shoot a story in Glasgow. Raymond is a French photojournalist, he [...]

A Good Dad

Surely this is not an ideal world in which multiplying and raising kids, unless you’re having the strength and the ability to make extreme decisions, by cutting off [...]