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Rebel on a Rainbow

Happiness only real when shared Christopher McCandless Since we live in an era when everything is shared, where does all this sadness and dissatisfaction come from? There is [...]

Burning Lotus

I started the process of self-portraiture from a place of great personal pain and tragedy. Initially, it was simply a form of documentation that I was still here and that I [...]

Play Food

Since there’s no more food culture and we’ll all end up feeding on some colorfull pills, why not find a nice way to make sense of these strange shapes, instead of [...]

No turning back

From a certain point onward there is no longer any turning back. That is the point that must be reached Franz Kafka Waldemar Kazak began to draw after unsuccessful contact [...]

Evidence of Fun

Boo Boo tells about an outsider who used his band of beautiful friends to create his “evidence of fun”: enchanting naked creatures around the fields, or some [...]


The charm of a woman, her secret, should always be sought in her rooms, in the places where her nudity can be expressed in a pure way. It’s not easy being able to find [...]

Tutti Frutti

There’s a gal, named Sarah, she knows just what to do with almost every fruit or vegetable, to give them a new meaning, from the Melon-choly to Pome-grenade. This [...]

Grow old with me

The best is yet to be Sometimes, in spite of the inexorable machine of time, of changes and goodbyes, life shows itself in a totally touching and ironic way. You wonder why [...]

The private life of heroes

Born in 1967, Grégoire Guillemin, aka “Léon”, refuses to let his childhood passions fade quietly into the past. Science fiction, comic books, and video games still [...]

Comic Rockstar

Life is short, man is a hunter, and we’ll be dead for too long Andrea Pazienza “Freak” Antoni tells that Andrea was the type of guy who wouldn’t be [...]