From the land to the sky

Since their inception in 1997, Okuda San Miguel’s pieces on rail-roads and abandoned factories in his hometown were clearly recognizable. Parallel to his work in the [...]

In Rainbows

The International Church of Cannabis is a non-profit and the first large gathering place in the world where those who consume cannabis in order to help achieve their [...]

Post Neo Cubism

Long been known in the graffiti scene for his photorealistic works, Miguel Ángel Belinchón Bujes, aka Belin, has begun to adopt elements of cubism for a new experience [...]

Ego Erectus

Using the Mario Mankey name, a Valencia-born artist tries to manifest the underlying contradictions between human and primate. He works on human behaviours he finds [...]

Under the Bridge

When Fernando Abellanas discovered the graffiti-covered bridge in Valencia, where he chose to install his new studio, it suddenly reminded him of the feelings of isolation, [...]


After several years of learning and working into the engineering industrie, Nicolas Bamert can’t keep his need to create to himself. “L’original”, [...]


When a place starts dying, then its people die a little bit, too. Palmitas was a boring and non-descript hillside in Pachuca, Mexico, until the day Germen Crew, a youth [...]

Insane 51

Recently dealing with his double exposure works, requiring 3D glasses and led light for full view, Insane 51 is a Greek mural artist based in Athens. He started off as a [...]


Always so happy to see something on your way forcing you to stop, even for a few moments, and takes you away with the shades of a new emotion. Maybe this is still the purpose [...]

Interactive Features

As an amazing example of interactive street art, Achilles often utilizes perspective in unusual ways. In one of his most impressive works, he plays with a series of three [...]