In Limbo

I’m lost at sea Don’t bother me I’ve lost my way I’ve lost my way Flowers and children by May Von Krogh are in limbo between dream and reality, life [...]


Thomas Kuntz has devoted a lifetime to aquire the skills of painter, sculptor and mechanician. His father, a surgeon, and his mother, a folk artist and doll maker, both [...]

Brand’s Pin-Up

Along with Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol, Mel Ramos was one of the first artists to do paintings of images from comic books, and works of the three were exhibited together [...]

Single Point

The art by Bernard Pras is linked to a single amazing event. One day, a chemist explained to him that the cadmium’s red of paint tubes used by artists was the same one [...]

High Banality

Jeff Koons plays with ideas of taste, pleasure, celebrity, and commerce. He believes in advertisement and media completely: “My art and my personal life are based in it”. [...]

What you see might Not be Real

Through a variety of surreal, often grotesque sculptures — most often executed in a bright monochrome red — Chen Wenling examines the rapid rise of consumerism in [...]

Here Not There

With his series of light sculptures, Camilo Matiz confronts the viewers with the duality of who they are and how they perceive themselves. The same object displays [...]

Bent Objects

Terry Border is one of those who brings objects to life, from peanuts to pill bottles. In 2006 he started what he calls his Bent Objects project, mainly because all the other [...]

Tire Sculptures

Blake McFarland began his art career painting ocean scenery with acrylics. After a couple of years he longed for something more unique, so he got the idea to combine one of [...]


Starting from a sculptural sensibility, William Cobbing’s art practice encompasses a diverse range of media, including video, photography and installation. Performative [...]