Compulsive Art

One of Thomas Mailaender’s attributes is his ingenuity and ability to conceive curious and creative exhibitions using everyday materials, and his curated shows teem [...]

Street Dystopia

The thing Sion Fullana is most passionate about, and the one he focuses all his work, is the art of telling a good story. From his background in journalism, he knows how to [...]

Dying Sun

Before turning his attention to the fields of painting and drawing, Paul Cristina had worked several years as a paramedic, which allowed for a stark insight and investigation [...]

Droll Moment

Friedrich Seidenstücker didn’t sell his first photograph until he was 46. Trained as a sculptor, he never lost his eye for mass and form. His atmospheric photographs [...]

Vulnerable Fighter

It’s not too difficult to get what are the themes at the centre of Ágnes Éva Molnár’s artistic interest, even on a first glance. Her focus has been lingering [...]

Here Yesterday, and Gone Today

“After all, what is history if it is not an imagined past — a collection of facts, which are viewed and interpreted in the light of our own experiences.” Shirley Baker [...]

Urban Loneliness

Self-taught photographer, Harimao Lee was first attracted to photography through rooftopping, a risky practice where access is gained into tall buildings in order to shoot [...]

Super Africa

Started as a continuation of a project he began in Indonesia, Alexander Eudier tries to keep the eye at the West’s benevolence towards Africa by photographing people who [...]

This isn’t Happiness

“Art, photography, design and disappointment,” this is what you’ll find in the world of Peter Nidzgorski, called This isn’t Happiness™. Peter is well [...]

Do you travel

Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen, aka Gypsea Lust, met in Fiji early in 2016, and have been inseparable, in life and online, ever since. From Lapland to Bali, from Central Park [...]