Bring to Life

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe Anatole France Some say that dreams are a major source of inspiration for an [...]

Their fur

It seems that mankind has discovered an indispensable adoration for the feline race: do you think there’s a particular reason? According to my latest experience, [...]

My Blood

Many loves, in different stages of their lives, underestimate one of the most distinctive traits of personality. That is the blood type. A mixture of kissing subjects, to [...]

Urgency of now

I’d better start from the outset. From now. Smell of a cigarette on my fingers — freezing I walked and walked searching — many people would agree I know only let [...]

Nightmare before photograph

Dreams are not intended to make you sleep, but to wake you up René Magritte What do these words mean to you? This quote really hits home for me — not only because it was [...]


L’infanzia, dicono sempre gli adulti, è il periodo più felice della vita. Ma per quanto poteva ricordare, Jack Fairy era di tutt’altra opinione Velvet Goldmine [...]

Freelance Photographer

Come ti è venuto in mente di fare questa vitaccia? “A casa che dicono”? Credo di aver avuto la fortuna e l’incoscienza di poterci provare. A casa mi hanno [...]