Going to Hell

Raised by strict religious parents who convinced her she was going to hell when she died, Angela Strassheim is another of those artists able to cause strong feelings and a [...]

Lonely Dolls

In the 1970s, when computers were beginning their ascent into world domination, Stacy Leigh was born. In her earliest years she was an artist. She painted and made clothes [...]


Roberto Kusterle began with painting and installation in the 1970’s, before identifying photography as the ideal means for his artistic expression. During the following [...]

Doll Photographer

By using Barbie dolls and Japanese miniatures as her primary medium and subject, Mariel Clayton creates dioramic images full of details and black humour as a means of [...]

Off-duty Heroes

He’s a photographer with a good sense of humor and a passion for superhero action figures. His name is Edy Hardjo, aka Hrjoe, and what his photos prove is that some [...]

Butterfly Witch

What Laura Makabresku is constantly trying to give birth to, with her camera, is some reality of a possible kind for which we are probably longing, which we desire, which [...]


After teaching her to draw when she was just 5, Jill Flyer’s parents agree to send her to the Art Institute of Chicago’s children’s program at 8 years old. [...]

Thoughts made of silence

Self-taught from Iran, Ali Noohi hadn’t discovered his passion for photography until he was twenty. Since then, he hasn’t let his camera anymore and has held on [...]

The Art of Reading

For years Lawrence Schwartzwald worked in restaurants primarily to free up his time to be able to read and attend literary events and poetry readings in the evenings. Reading [...]