Painters in Color

As in the case of Paris Coloré, this time someone found a good reason to color old photos of visual artists in order to make them more close to us, just by reducing the [...]

Street Face

Best known for his black and white street photography taken with a flash at arm’s length from his subjects, Bruce Gilden brazenly pursues photography that tries to bare [...]

Post War Dream

Oh Maggie, Maggie what have we done? In 1980, Raymond Depardon is commissioned by a British newspaper to shoot a story in Glasgow. Raymond is a French photojournalist, he [...]

A Good Dad

Surely this is not an ideal world in which multiplying and raising kids, unless you’re having the strength and the ability to make extreme decisions, by cutting off [...]

Princesses and Peas

Only a real princess would have the sensitivity to feel a pea through such a quantity of bedding… Always open to different interpretations, this is one of the most [...]

Digital Nightmares

If you tried to face your nightmares, just like this, cynically, without any kind of hesitation or change of heart, maybe all your fears would roll in upon your arms, and [...]

Really Crazy

As a great new wave films lover, before moving to Los Angeles, all of Jimmy Marble’s short films and video work were black and white, but just came in California he [...]

Photographic Act

Grew up in the theatre as an actor, using Guy Bourdin as inspiration, today Giuseppe Palmisano directs his models through some real photographic “acts”. He [...]


Along the same lines of thought and working by Sally Mann or Niki Boon, Jacqueline Roberts fiercely disagrees with the common perception that sees children as [...]


Rich McCor uses intricate paper cut-outs to transform some of the world’s most recognisable holiday destinations into amazing artworks. Starting from his city, he has [...]