Skin & Rituals

The grace of geometry is charmingly at the heart of Yung Cheng Lin’s bodies. To him, each part of the human body is something unique, and the photographer and art [...]

A kiss is (not) just a kiss

These days, in some countries such as Italy, the virus seems to have brought back to the surface all the anxieties and inconsistencies which were dragging along into the [...]

For Fun

Once a gaffer in the spoiled world of blockbuster budgets, unending craft service and larger-than-life film crews, Andy Reynolds walked away for the chance to really learn [...]

Magic Realism

Since he was just a teenager, Arthur Tress has been fascinated with documenting people. He began his first camera work as a teenager in the surreal neighborhood of Coney [...]

Changing Seasons

An enchanting tribute to the colors of nature that the changing seasons always bring with them. Four panoramic photographs exalting the brightness of the hilly landscape and [...]

How-To Survive a Deadly Global Virus

Nobody is capable of really thinking about anyone, even in the worst calamity Albert Camus It made people argue and indignate. To the point that his creator had to apologize [...]

Accidental Renaissance

Apparently started by Guardian journalist Ben Beaumont-Thomas, when he simply pointed out how some of the best photos around resembled classic Italian paintings, the [...]


What has always made a Hell on earth has been that man has tried to make it his Heaven Friedrich Hölderlin She’s a sort of mutating drag star, coming from some planet [...]

Buying Child (1987/2020)

When Attila Manek realized that his photo achieved success after more than thirty years since it was taken, he was unaware that a digital version of it had been uploaded to [...]