Soul Minimalism

All made with a smartphone, the reality represented by Frankfurt photographer and editor Nikolai Muth, aka Nikolator, focuses on small elements, which get a surreal and [...]

American Beauty

Beauty turns violet in the series by Carey Lynne Fruth, a way to challenge some standards in a country scarred by a depressing barrage of products and services. Inspired by [...]

Purest Form: Darkness

What do you see when the day is over, the light becomes electric and there’s no one around. Lucas Zimmerman works with this kind of reduction as a way of shifting the [...]

Master Kiss

Stolen or passionate, played or real, kiss is, perhaps more than others, the subject which has always attracted every photographer in a special manner, sometimes making him [...]

Naughty Nuns

Nuns play an important role in the public’s image of religious symbolism. A nun is a member of a religious community of women, typically living under vows of poverty, [...]


In an idealized world, peace is the visualization of the paradise lost long ago. And, as life goes… Suddenly you hit on the series by photographer Carla Kogelman. Her work [...]

Emotional Self

There is a need in every human being, that of expressing itself and its abilities. As for Jessica Tremp, this meant to be hours locked away in her room scribbling on fresh [...]

Going to Hell

Raised by strict religious parents who convinced her she was going to hell when she died, Angela Strassheim is another of those artists able to cause strong feelings and a [...]

Lonely Dolls

In the 1970s, when computers were beginning their ascent into world domination, Stacy Leigh was born. In her earliest years she was an artist. She painted and made clothes [...]


Roberto Kusterle began with painting and installation in the 1970’s, before identifying photography as the ideal means for his artistic expression. During the following [...]