Butterfly Witch

What Laura Makabresku is constantly trying to give birth to, with her camera, is some reality of a possible kind for which we are probably longing, which we desire, which [...]


After teaching her to draw when she was just 5, Jill Flyer’s parents agree to send her to the Art Institute of Chicago’s children’s program at 8 years old. [...]

Thoughts made of silence

Self-taught from Iran, Ali Noohi hadn’t discovered his passion for photography until he was twenty. Since then, he hasn’t let his camera anymore and has held on [...]

The Art of Reading

For years Lawrence Schwartzwald worked in restaurants primarily to free up his time to be able to read and attend literary events and poetry readings in the evenings. Reading [...]

Light Witch

Often classified as part of the new romantic movement, the visions by Courtney Brooke focus on the local in an ever-globalizing world, just as part of the collective memory. [...]

36 Pics

O’Hara uses dark slides, film rolls, canisters and memory-cards that hold very few images, mainly thirty-six. Hence the name of her out-of-hours assembling’s. [...]

Into the structures

There comes a day when we suddenly realize the right way to pay a tribute to all that we really love and makes our heart beat faster. That’s what happened to Anna [...]


Photography has taught Marius Sperlich how to deal with people. He likes to say that he’s like a hairdresser: “Everyone I work with always tells me what is going [...]

Art makes life sweet

After 5 years in a routine career behind desk, Anna Panchenko decided to chase her dreams and started to photograph, because she was feeling like she’d been caged. [...]

Moments from above

An important determinant in Katrin Korfmann’s work are observations of specific public places, made visible through the presentation of different sequential incidents that [...]