Corpus Tenebrosum

The sinuosity of female body lines is at the center of the study by Twitchkowitz, Spanish photographer from Palma De Mallorca, to the point of getting rid of its human [...]

Mad Maxfantasy World

It’s hard to know what’s real and what’s fake inside the worlds Justin Plunkett creates. That rusted merry-go-round-like structure in the above photo? That’s a [...]

Digital Home

Anthony Hearsey enjoys all things beautiful, surreal, or a little bit twisted. When he’s home, he’s able to make an omelette with an apple, keeping a dolphin in [...]

Beauty and the Bear

Stepan was found by his circus trainer Yury Panteleenko in a near starvation state, after being separated from his mother in a hunting chase. Sadly after being hand-reared, [...]

Bent Objects

Terry Border is one of those who brings objects to life, from peanuts to pill bottles. In 2006 he started what he calls his Bent Objects project, mainly because all the other [...]

Empty Metro

David Burdeny, tough photographer from Canada, spent a year trying to get access to document the Moscow’s Metro stations between midnight and 6 a.m., when the trains were [...]

Ophelia and other suggestions

What we love the most about a certain Soviet photography is the innocence of which it tells, its enchanted look on things — objects, bodies or architecture —, its [...]

Seda Monastery

George Doupas, from Athens, is just one of the last photographers to capture and talking about the Seda Monastery — the world’s largest school for Tibetan Buddhism. [...]

Digital Dream

Robert Jahns, aka Nois7, is one of the world’s leading modern Digital Artist, Photographer and Art Director, noted as one of the world’s 50 Best Instagram [...]

Beautiful Obscene

Maternity, exhibitionism, fetishism or obscenity, everything can deal with beauty if you know the rules and the potential of your means. Jan Saudek is one of those with a [...]