When there is no energy there is no color, no shape, no life Caravaggio Is there still energy in this planet? Yes, and it will be until the people will keep on [...]


Considered two of the best muralists working in the world, Etam Cru is made up of individual artists Bezt and Sainer. They began making work as a pair in art school, both [...]

Jesus & the clouds

He is an important character in my artistic universe, even if he doesn’t show himself that much for now. Representing Jesus in ridiculous situations is my way of nicely [...]

Coco joue avec le passé

  Les vrais paradis sont les paradis qu’on a perdus. Le seul charme du passé, c’est qu’il est le passé — Marcel Proust & Oscar Wilde: Quelle [...]

Opus Hypnagogia

  There are places of our existence whose memory and the ability to decipher their signs have to do with art. Magical, sometimes dangerous, places whose border is likely [...]

Dusty Rooms

My ambition is handicapped by my laziness Charles Bukowski Do you think our world is still able to appreciate the benefits of laziness? Absolutely. That makes perfect sense [...]


  “If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is: infinite” — quote William Blake… When, working, I can almost [...]

Dreaming by day

Melancholy is thus the most legitimate of all the poetical tones Edgar Allan Poe More and more artists, through their works, seem to reveal a charming need to be in bygone [...]


  Now then, you of noble mind, who love this profession, come at once to art and accept these precepts: enthusiasm — love —, reverence, obedience, and [...]


Quanta delicatezza si cela dietro un’azione violenta? Tanta quanto la violenza che si cela in un tratto morbido. È la potenza della dualità, gli opposti che si [...]