Late 19th

If you were allowed to live a few days in a bygone era, what would you choose? Definitely late 19th early 20th century. I look at that time as the 60’s were to music. It [...]

Gold Leaf

Art is a line around your thoughts Gustav Klimt Do you think everyone who is dedicated to art have so important thoughts to outline? It’s subjective. If something resonates [...]

My little sweet nightmares

  A different world cannot be built by indifferent people Peter Marshall Do you have a surefire method to protect your creatures against the cold machine of our world? [...]

Turf One the flemish

  “Turf is somewhat obsessed with Victorian-looking midgets sporting dandy facial hair, Russian icons, dead things of all sorts, carnival sideshows and seedy [...]

The dark side of fairy tales

  There’s a girl in white underwear who overcomes an edge to get back on the roadway. She’s the girl of Flood: a victim or a survivor? A survivor, I think, [...]

Urlo & Frigidaire

“Ho visto le migliori menti della mia generazione distrutte dalla pazzia, affamate isteriche nude, trascinarsi per strade di negri all’alba in cerca di una droga [...]


Chi è Vincenzo Sparagna, fuori della dimensione professionale? Nel mio caso, non parlerei di una dimensione professionale in senso stretto. La mia vita “professionale” [...]