Common People

It was around 1988, when Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker met the girl of one of his most famous hits, Common People. He was having a conversation with her at the bar at college [...]

Sound of Afternoon

Coming across the works of Hope Gangloff, is a bit like being enveloped by the refreshing embrace of your place, maybe after a hard day out in the city. Like getting settled [...]


In the imagery of Anne Von Freyburg’s paintings, nature applies as an identifying fulcrum and irreversible fate. The stark figures can be seen as contemporary fossils [...]

Into Her Eyes

“The eyes tell all. If you look long and deep enough into those portals, she’ll tell you her story“. To Brian M. Viveros, the eyes are always the most important [...]

Zoo Station

Since 2006, Matthew Grabelsky has focused on creating paintings that combine the physical world that people see every day with imagery from mythology and dreams. So, what [...]

Urban Mythology

There have been many attempts to imagine the extreme effects of our invasion of the planet. Among these, the one of Josh Keyes is definitely the most satirical look, though [...]

Naked Frida

So many words have already been said or written about Frida Kahlo, that it would be quite unnecessary to repeat them all over again. Here, we will dwell on telling, through a [...]

Château de Beauvoir

Although for many artists, especially those of the past, it has never been so important, for some sensitive souls, inspiration is closely linked to the places where they [...]


The secrets of sensuality are never easy to steal. They are deep in colorful places that human eyes can’t find on their own. They wear a mask. So you just have to learn [...]


Children and animals have always been a symbol of innocence and purity we never get tired of sharing and looking at, especially in a place where everything seems so sadly [...]