Celebration of the Feminine

Yesterday, John passed away. An independent visionary, always bringing his individual style and training to any artistic situation. Born in England in 1961, he began his [...]

Bloody Painting

Best known for her controversial Donald Trump artwork, for which she has been repeatedly blocked by Facebook and received death threats from Trump supporters — then [...]


Canvases by Rinat remind of a black-and-white pictorial review and war-time sketchbooks of the Soviet period. Using the style of an archive document, the artist consummately [...]


Perhaps, at least once in your life, you felt a strong urge to disappear, camouflaging yourself into the shapes and colors of a welcoming surface, over the gray essence of [...]


Norman was a prolific artist, producing more than four thousand original works in his lifetime. Most of his works are either in public collections, or have been destroyed in [...]

Golden Cycle

By photo-staging works such as Danae or Life and Death, Inge revived and actualized the most creative and prolific moment in Gustav Klimt’s career: the Golden Cycle. It [...]

The Drunk Boat

Like a faint trail in the trash of a humankind ineluctably indifferent to its host planet, the art by Pejac gently appears on the surface of things, a final beauty’s [...]

Nude and the City 2

About his dreaming deep visions, Jeremy just says they’re a visual expression of himself, of who he is and what he thinks about the world around him. A simple fact, but [...]

Nude and the City

Sometimes, the best way to look at the places where you live, from the busy streets to the silent walls of your room, is through the brush strokes of a visionary artist. A [...]

Silence of the Music

The magic of the twins Gustavo & Ottavio opened their rooms at Lehmann Maupin Gallery in New York last Thursday and attended by thousands of fans. Five rooms of eye [...]