Suburb Dream

Sebastián Velasco really loves old cars and the play of light and shadow on the crumbling walls of the suburbs. As an acute and dutiful urban documentarian, he is so good at [...]

Sensitive Painting

He was a heroin addict for 6 years, and lost a brother to an overdose — he got the news when he was taking his first and only painting class at Art Center College of Design [...]

Stay Home

It’s been a while since Snoopy dropped out of sight. I decide to take myself away from my home commuting and go down to get some fresh air. It’s a wonderful spring day. [...]

Dreaming Painting

Imagine reopening your eyes, lulled by the slight breaking of the waves, and voices muffled by a warm breeze. You just chose to walk away for a while, leaving everything [...]

Computers are stupid

There is a widely held notion that art, as we knew it, is dead. There is no more stylisic innovation, no where to go.. John Conway is not of this opinion. [...]

Kaleido Days

Based in Dorset, England, Jason Anderson is fascinated by colour and work with a strong palette to create deep impasto effects with the paint … Continue [...]


Try to Google the thing you’re looking for, accompanied by the word “Mondrian”. Probably you’ll find that your thing has already been shaped in the [...]

Visions of Dmitrov

“Lyricist in the warehouse of the soul”, Stepan Nesterchuk tries to convey the mood, enhance the beauty of nature and its transition state — the evening sunset [...]


Since its introduction to the European-colonized world, during the 16th century, by the Spanish who encountered it from the contact with the Aztec during their colonization [...]

Small Talk

All talk is small talk Being able to engage in small talk is an essential trait to have all around the world. It is a way to socialize, placate friends, pacify enemies, and [...]