Devil’s Haircut

The oldest known depiction of hair braiding dates back about 30,000 years. In ancient civilizations, women’s hair was often elaborately and carefully dressed in special [...]

Snow Symmetry

The human body, elementary particles or ice crystals: reality around us unfolds itself in symmetries. Even when man creates — like in architecture, music or literature — [...]

Visions of Dmitrov

“Lyricist in the warehouse of the soul”, Stepan Nesterchuk tries to convey the mood, enhance the beauty of nature and its transition state — the evening sunset [...]


It’s the fruit par excellence, since Adam and Eve. The fruit of original sin, the poisoned one eaten by Snow White, the falling one which inspired Isaac Newton about [...]

Then and Now Stars

What if your young self meets your present day one? You ever considered that? Maybe you’d spend a great night together, by telling each other both stories about the [...]


Since its introduction to the European-colonized world, during the 16th century, by the Spanish who encountered it from the contact with the Aztec during their colonization [...]


Created in 1883, by the mind of Italian writer Carlo Collodi, Pinocchio has become a sort of rebel and phallic symbol over time, mainly due to his best-known characteristic: [...]


Urges in the undergrowth. Erupting fungal fantasies. Bursting botanicals… The dust and desires of a tiny alternative universe. Imagining the sensations of attraction [...]

Long Story Short

Daniel Beyer grew up between Woodstock, Illinois, and Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Turns out, they were both home to some rather famous cartoonists: Chester Gould — Woodstock [...]

Vertigo Art

Often dealing with space and planets, it can happen to feel a sense of vertigo when it comes to collage art. Maybe that’s the reason why art director Mohanad decided to [...]