Paper Roll Panic

Panic has always the power to blur our mind and make us overlook some rather important details. After the assault on the shelves in search of food, soon it was realized that [...]

Blinding Ink

Aleksandra wanted her eyeballs blacked, but fate had put her in the wrong painter’s path. He is a Piotr A, now facing three years in prison for unintentionally severely [...]

Magic Realism

Since he was just a teenager, Arthur Tress has been fascinated with documenting people. He began his first camera work as a teenager in the surreal neighborhood of Coney [...]

Changing Seasons

An enchanting tribute to the colors of nature that the changing seasons always bring with them. Four panoramic photographs exalting the brightness of the hilly landscape and [...]

No Mask

It’s all everybody’s talkin’ about. Maybe also because, for some time now, there was nothing more to talk about. We had no such important topics to tackle the media [...]

Unpopular Culture

They are our childhood pop heroes, and it can be shocking to find out just today how some of them are truly made. This is what’s happened to Toad and his hat, but it [...]

Dreaming Painting

Imagine reopening your eyes, lulled by the slight breaking of the waves, and voices muffled by a warm breeze. You just chose to walk away for a while, leaving everything [...]

Trivia Obscura

Do you know Darkness? Someone found a thrilling way to take you, just like Dante in his infernal path, through the obscure houses of knowledge. They are a team of six guys [...]


He is Oliver Christianson, also known as Revilo — “Oliver”, spelled backwards —, an American cartoonist born in southern California and served as a U.S. Navy [...]

The Far Side

Gary Larson is one of the typical examples of how a family can play a fundamental role in the artistic aptitudes of a human being. He said his family has “a morbid [...]