Best known under his pseudonym Poleurs, Pol Leurs was working as an engineer and now is already retired. As an autodidact in art, he was regularly published from 1975 to 1983 [...]

Pizza Cartoon

There’s a kind of art that is not on canvas, paper or other recognised mediums, but on a steaming box that in most cases will be crumpled up and threw away in a matter [...]

Christmas to my eyes

Bence Farkasinszki, aka Benze, is one of those guys who are influenced by the inner and outer circles of their environment. From their wife and the era we live in. All his [...]


For Aaron Jay, illustration is more than just a job: it is a hobby, a way to relax and have fun. With every piece of work he creates, he tries to portray the enjoyment, [...]

Seductive Vibe

Sometimes, the power of a solid color is there to soften a melancholy tinge catching you at first sight. With his distinctive light touch and sparing use of texture, Adams [...]

Doodling Away

With the use of pens, markers, colour and an imagination of a “thousand and one night”, Visoth Kakvei takes doodling to the next level. Much inspired by mother [...]

Beautiful Store

Dani Soon was born in a small remote town in Korea, in 1991. Living in such a remote town meant there was not much to do, so books and drawing became her biggest pastime [...]

One Life

Through the illustration of her daily life in St Petersburg, Alisa Yufa tells about nice days of dealing with markets, exhibitions, romantic or party evenings, friends and [...]

Illustrated Cynicism

When the truth is clear enough to become somehow cynic, then maybe that means there is something wrong with our world and the way we’re living and seeing things. Maybe [...]

Wood Engraver

Although he began with illustration, Paul Landacre eventually became known for his wood engraving — a printmaking and letterpress printing technique, in which an artist [...]