Asked why Robert Leighton creates cartoons and puzzles, two apparently different kinds of work, he replied: “I think a puzzle is like a cartoon, like a joke, because [...]

Superhero in the New World

If he was a superhero, Joseph Nowak’s catchphrase would be: “I appreciate that you need my help but I’m in the middle of something.” Bright, bizarre or [...]

The Adventures of Messy Cow

Nothing but a comic about life and dream that might be useful for a variety of reasons, as in the case of a relationship where farting is still an embarrassment, especially [...]

Insulted by Hand

They drink tea every bloody day and have a cat army. They work on a 45 day turnaround and hate everyone, “but not you though, dear.” Which means that if you are [...]

This isn’t Happiness

“Art, photography, design and disappointment,” this is what you’ll find in the world of Peter Nidzgorski, called This isn’t Happiness™. Peter is well [...]

Pulp Painter

Best known for painting provocative pulp and detective novel covers which often depict women seductively posed in various states of undress, Robert McGinnis illustrated this [...]

Our Digital World

Born in 1967, in Pakistan, to a Lebanese mother and a Swiss father, Patrick Chappatte was raised in Singapore and Geneva, and began to work for Swiss newspapers before moving [...]

Daily Background

During her fulfilling career, Becky Barnicoat dealt with issues such as “Secret Things Most Girls Do In The Bathroom But Don’t Talk About”, “Pretty [...]

Floral Star

Born in 1981, in Lisbon, Portugal, the view of the world by Luís Alves is like is from an exploding kaleidoscope which imbues every image of fragments, petals and colors. [...]

Nothing Happened Today

Just like that old adage “write what you know”, Ed Harrington draws things that he loves. He has always been a horror fan, ever since he was a little kid. The whole Alien [...]