Seja bem vindo!

Dani Purper is a landscape architect, illustrator and Patchwork facilitator. Illustration has been part of her life for many years, she always liked to draw and, with time, [...]

Egghead Artist

Jesse Lown is fairly friendly and sometimes even in a good mood. His art is influenced by big questions, lowbrow humour, mischievous imagination, and random, everyday things. [...]


Dare is not about being a rebel, it’s about being honest with yourself Dare to have an opinion. Dare to make mistakes Dare to love. Dare to stand behind your beliefs Dare [...]

Living Wallpaper

Commissioned by Publicis — a team which share a lift, a café, a bike rack and a philosophy —, illustrator Katie Scott and motion graphics designer James Paulley created [...]

Day Tripper

Davide Bonazzi aims to create clever visual solutions to represent complex topics. His style combines digital media with textures of scanned found objects, in order to give [...]

A simple story about emotions

If some day the perfect illustration is ever created, it will take the form of a short and simple story about emotions An architect by education, an illustrator by choice, [...]

Creepy Studio

Jim Benton began his career in a custom design t-shirt shop where he started designing his own characters, among them Franny K. Stein. At the same time, he did illustrations [...]

All the lies in the world

Marian Kamensky began drawing at 12, when he and his family moved to the village of Hrachovo, a village of southern Slovakia. When he finished school, he worked as a glass [...]

Time Well Spent

The hours of folly are measured by the clock, but of wisdom, no clock can measure As often happens to many artists, inspiration is experienced as a real burden, something [...]

Playing Leaves

A leaf felt that the wind had become colder and something was going to change for her too The objects and illustrations created by Daniela Iride Murgia combine a range of [...]