Since his early childhood, when his grandmother read him a book, Nikolay — Nicholas — Tolmachev let loose in his world made of bizarre images. Most of all, he liked [...]


Life can be so hard, especially in some days where it seems to rough us in a special way. Fortunately there are some men who make it easy for us, thanks to their cute [...]


Some time in the 80’s a human woman made love to a space monkey. Eight months later a lunarbaboon was born. He works as a school teacher and lives a life similar to [...]


Through his illustrations, Alex Nabaum dealt with issues like the industrial pollution, deforestation, political TV attack ads, personal debt, infertility in women, [...]

Invisible Drawings

I’d like to sing to you if you’d like me to I’d like to dance with you if you’d like me to If, one night, the moon chose someone to sing, dance or [...]

Strong Lines of Ordinary Madness

Always known for his bold textured illustrations and strong metaphoric compositions about the “ordinary madness” of our lives, Emiliano Ponzi has rightfully [...]

Tim and Sue

Tim Noble and Sue Webster take ordinary things, including rubbish, to make assemblages and then point light to create projected shadows which show a great likeness to [...]

How to Start a Revolution

If you’re a little bored being stuck at the office, maybe because you feel like your days aren’t going anywhere and you still have so much energy, life and [...]

Fire Painter

For the past 15 years, Steve Spazuk has perfected a technique called fumage, that allows him to use the flame of a candle or the flame of a torch as a pencil to create his [...]

Devil’s Career

Sensuality and irony go hand in hand in the illustrations by Allan Cedeño, a well known hallmark of artists from Latin America. Born in San José, Costa Rica, he works as an [...]