Risking is Poetry

As “a poet of the humorous image”, Darío Castillejos seems to be not just a cartoonist. His drawings, with impeccable technique, represent a successful [...]

Other Side

As an illustrator and a gallery artist, Dean Stuart aka deangus has been making work for magazines, books, and galleries for the past several years. He grew up in Indiana and [...]

Sunny Street

Max Garcia is the brilliant mastermind behind Sunny Street, a bitter-sweet series of comics that will make you think with a smile. He’s the creator, writer and [...]

Alt Disney

As many artists and creative minds of recent times, at some point Tom Ward asked himself questions like “What would Simba or Tigger be doing in today’s [...]

Mundane Landscapes

Carl Warner has a passion for creating and making images from things that most people would not take a second look at. He loves finding pictures and beauty in the mundane and [...]

When nobody’s watching

Sally Nixon loves drawing girls because they’re pretty and food because it’s the best. You’ll find a little of ’80s and ’90s in her [...]

Remus & Kiki

Remus Buznea & Kyriaki Kyriakou are a 2D animation directing duo with a passion for way-out humour sits perfectly with their detailed, graphic, comic book design style. [...]

Make the world closer

In November 2012, a sort of blasphemous poster for an Ukraine international airline — which showed New York’s Statue of Liberty in bed with Rio’s Christ the [...]

Flowers and Butterflies

Sirlanney was born in Ceará, Brazil, in 1984, and has published her texts and drawings on the Internet, in zines and magazines for more than 15 years. She created the comic [...]

Colors of La Movida

Interested in painting since childhood, of course, Bárbara Allende Gil de Biedma aka Ouka Leele wanted to be a painter, but discovered photography as another medium of [...]