Timeless Nights

After a period of angry political satire and wicked cartoons, Andrei Popov stopped to meditate in the moonlight and found a more humane way to see things. Then, a little like [...]

Princesses and Peas

Only a real princess would have the sensitivity to feel a pea through such a quantity of bedding… Always open to different interpretations, this is one of the most [...]


Started as a t-shirt designing adventure, Wirdou is a nice project — and a nickname — by Pablo Bustos that over the years has grown and changed so much. Pablo started [...]


Not everybody loves to talk or write too much of themselves, especially when you have a particular vision of reality and mankind. If you were one used to fantasies about a [...]


If something crucial happened in Sheharzad Arshad’s life, as is often the case, it certainly lies in his childhood. Something sinister which also had the benefit to [...]

Meanwhile in a Parallel Universe

Perhaps each of us, just once, fallen prey to an awareness of some kind, felt a little bad about the cause-and-effect of our ordinary life, reaching a real empathy or [...]


Being both an artist and a father, Rafael Alvarez is one of those trying to reconcile professional and private life, in his case, spending as much time as possible with his [...]

Maximal Minimalist

By focussing only what is most essential, Lukas Frischknecht a.k.a Wuukasch’s modern — and in part abstract — art has a strong emotional impact on the viewer. His [...]


André François worked as a painter, sculptor and graphic designer, but is best remembered for his cartoons, whose subtle humor and wide influence bear comparison to those [...]


André-François Barbe’s first illustrations were published in 1958 in Le Rire, then in Hara-Kiri, Charlie Mensuel and Pilote. After that, he worked for several French [...]