The Creation of Adam

Generally thought to depict the excerpt “God created man in His own image, etc.,“ that of Michelangelo is perhaps the best known fresco painting of all time. [...]

Out of the Trail

After nearly ten years of working in an office, two ulcers and a haemorrhage fate had put Petya Konstantinova on a crossroad and made her reconsider if she was on the right [...]

A Furry Life

You can tell a lot about people by the way they treat their pets Jamie Morath just paints what she loves and the little things hat we often forget, so caught up in our busy [...]

Snow White

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall…” And each of us probably still knows “who’s the fairest of them all.” It’s about a 19th-century German [...]

Ukiyo-e Stars

In the word “Ukiyo-e”, Ukiyo means “Nowadays” and “Present”, so in Ukiyo-e, the artisans portrayed sceneries such as popular beautiful [...]

Old Superheroes

“Superheroes never die”, save for a few exceptions. But it looks like they can certainly grow old, becoming sweet old ladies and gentlemen enjoying their lives [...]


The magic of sketch, sensuality and dripping paint lines. The story of a man who never stopped doing comics and feeling vibrant sensations, finally becoming a published [...]

They can talk

The name is pretty eloquent: “they can talk,” and once they do, it’s never too quiet. Even though it’s always so funny. From the mind of humor writer [...]

Skeleton Claw

His name is Andy, and he’s dealing with non-sequential comics about guitars, spiders, vampires, jiu jitsu, skeletons and crushed dreams. Yes, there is not much hope [...]

Business Cat

Boss. Billionaire. Business maverick. Cat. The only big-business tycoon boasting his own private executive litter box and luxury mega cat condo, Business Cat manages a [...]