Magic Coffee Hair

His name is Jim, but most people call him Jim … No questions are asked of Jim Shoenbill frequently, but he seems to have a lot to answer when he tries to imagine [...]

No More Sleep

The woods are lovely, dark and deep But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep We don’t know so much about him but, just like every other time, [...]

Sundae Kids

Maybe this is no longer a time for some kind of love and relationships, our life’s got them. No more time for smiling and sappy things, for games and being kids again. [...]

Maritime Southerner

Born in Almería, Spain, in the wonderful Andalusia surrounded by the Mediterranean, Mar Cantón aka Kiki learnt about art by creating from feelings and dreams that are born [...]

No Religions

You know, we don’t believe in religions and their stories, but rather in a pure primal religious behaviour, something that has to do with a personal choice and that [...]

Out of the cardboard box

After he was born, Brom was kept in a cardboard box. When someone once asked him how he became an artist, he told them a bunch of lies. He had to or else they would find him [...]

Rabbit Rabbit Art

Zach Drenski is a nice artist and cartoonist, but the fact is that he is a rabbit. So, for those of you discriminating because of this, the alternative shape he proposes [...]

Broken isn’t bad

She knows growing up is terribly harder than we’ve expected. She knows we should believe in ourselves and follow our dreams. She knows overthinking never makes things [...]

Scary Pirate

Francisco Paco Rico Torres aka Mancomb Seepwood aka Guybrush Snake, is a scary pirate from the cold war. Or this is just the way he loves to introduce himself and his art [...]

Fashionable People

Arielle Jovellanos is an Artist-in-Residence at Redbubble in San Francisco writing and drawing a workplace comedy comic about Filipina-American witches. She makes narrative [...]