Magica Sexualis

In effect, the entire universe, all living beings, without the least exception, are ruled by the principle of two contrary forces, exercising, one or the other, a power of [...]

Lexicon Infernali

We always try to give a demonic face to every torment of our existence, magically finding ourselves catapulted into infernal landscapes, inflamed by our madness. Dark and [...]

Opus Hypnagogia

  There are places of our existence whose memory and the ability to decipher their signs have to do with art. Magical, sometimes dangerous, places whose border is likely [...]


“Certe cose che senti nell’aria non le devi nascondere, le conosci a memoria ma non puoi condividerle” — cit. Tiromancino: È solo un’impressione, o [...]


Dai tristi palazzoni delle “periferie lasciate a se stesse”, l’espansione dell’Urban Art capitolina seguita a coinvolgere ogni via circostante, [...]

Lovely Bones

Pensate che cos’era la vita e riposate Charles de Lisle Si narra che Augusto, nella sua villa di Capri, conservasse, accanto alle opere d’arte, ossa di animali [...]

Rebecca à Paris

Bonjour et meilleurs vœux à tous ! Et pour bien commencer l’année : Vous êtes chaleureusement conviés le Jeudi 8 Janvier prochain à la soirée de vernissage de [...]