Midnight Paracosm

I feel assured, that there is no such thing as ultimate forgetting. Traces once impressed upon the memory are indestructible. Thomas De Quincey In their Memories of Loss and [...]


Considered two of the best muralists working in the world, Etam Cru is made up of individual artists Bezt and Sainer. They began making work as a pair in art school, both [...]

Give Peace another Chance!

“Anche tu dovresti stancarti combattendo per la pace, oppure morire” Quando John e Yoko giungono in città, nel 1969, New York non è più la stessa. Non più il [...]

Pretty Little Predators & In Colour

Pretty Little Predators & Dwellers by Ray Caesar & Selena Wong Gallery House from November 21 to December 19 Toronto In Colour by Erik Jones Dorothy Circus Gallery [...]


Berlin, maybe more than other cities, is a large, continuous construction yard. A forest of cranes besieges the central districts although no neighborhood is really safe, no [...]

Prima del Silenzio

Soon silence will have passed into legend. Man has turned his back on silence. Day after day he invents machines and devices that increase noise and distract humanity from [...]

Lexicon Infernali

We always try to give a demonic face to every torment of our existence, magically finding ourselves catapulted into infernal landscapes, inflamed by our madness. Dark and [...]

Opus Hypnagogia

There are places of our existence whose memory and the ability to decipher their signs have to do with art. Magical, sometimes dangerous, places whose border is likely to [...]


“Certe cose che senti nell’aria non le devi nascondere, le conosci a memoria ma non puoi condividerle” — cit. Tiromancino: È solo un’impressione, o [...]


Dai tristi palazzoni delle “periferie lasciate a se stesse”, l’espansione dell’Urban Art capitolina seguita a coinvolgere ogni via circostante, [...]