Victorian Giants

Alice Liddell and Lewis Carroll are the guest stars of a fascinating exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London next spring, together with other three of the most [...]

50 Years Experience

Fifty years ago, Jimi Hendrix and photographer/designer Karl Ferris were cooking up a mix of psychedelic music and imagery. The Jimi Hendrix Experience debut studio album Are [...]

Facades of Reality

Artist, entrepreneur, and art collector, Damien Hirst is the most prominent member of the group known as the Young British Artists — or YBAs —, who dominated the art [...]

Memory Keeper

When we reach the museum, one of its main entrances is closed to the public. Domenico Agostinelli, founder and manager of this spectacular place, tells us that he was forced [...]

The Parthenon of Books

Decisive symbol of resistance to any banning of writings and the persecution of their authors, The Parthenon of Books is a replica of the temple on the Acropolis in Athens, [...]


The wind crashes, but brakes and starts again. Mankind should not believe they are able to stop it. Man can’t continue to imagine his life with no respect for the constant [...]


Henrique Oliveira uses tapumes as a title for many of his large-scale installations. The term, which in Portuguese can mean “fencing”, “boarding”, or “enclosure”, [...]

Room for Contemplation

No Picture
Selena de Carvalho is an inter-disciplinary artist based in Longley Village, Tasmania. Her practice responds to notions of personal ecology and human interaction with the [...]

Keys and Memories

The rooms of Chiharu Shiota are always full of everyday clues like beds, windows, and shoes, in order to explore the relationship between living and dying and to access [...]

Indigenous Habitat

As a product of Globalization, born in London, 1981, to Cypriot parents, and now living in New York, Petros Chrisostomou explores the idea of the indigenous habitat, by [...]