Compulsive Art

One of Thomas Mailaender’s attributes is his ingenuity and ability to conceive curious and creative exhibitions using everyday materials, and his curated shows teem [...]

Absorbed by Light

Our smartphone addiction becomes a suggestive light sculpture, aiming to comment on how digital technology engrosses us and takes people away from reality. Designed by the [...]

Insomniac Rationality

It is not the slumber of reason that engenders monsters, but vigilant and insomniac rationality By using different media, such as sculpture, installation, drawing and [...]

Snuff Puppets

Big, brute and anarchic, Snuff Puppets are a puppet company that combines the elements of puppetry, live music, visual and physical theatre to create a unique and [...]

Love is in the Bin

Banksy made another of his brilliant things, and this once again has caught the imagination of art lovers, creative minds, great brands and common people … Continue [...]

Bridging Two Worlds

Today, many people see the death of the body as the end of life. For most of human history, however, many believed — as some still do — that the dead continued to live on [...]

Daily Sacrifice

There are people who tend to gravitate toward extremes in an effort, just to explore how an excess of something beautiful can become oppressive. Similarly, Christopher [...]


Welcome to an imaginary world where animals go to work, tyrants reveal a difficult adolescence and femme fatales have makeup problems. This shifted vision of the universe in [...]