Insane 51

Recently dealing with his double exposure works, requiring 3D glasses and led light for full view, Insane 51 is a Greek mural artist based in Athens. He started off as a [...]

No Beauty without Pain

This is no longer a comfortable place for any of us. The blood of our most terrible thoughts and “zombie moments” flows across the streets, even if something [...]

Landscape Face

By blending dreamy landscapes, architecture and elements with human faces, Antonio Mora tries to give free rein to his inexhaustible fantasy and his eager expressive needs. [...]

Under the Skin

Bodies and nonphysical objects breaking down and reintegrating, inanimate objects from the natural world coming to life, a penchant for unnerving grotesquerie in the vein of [...]


Everything you consider as quite familiar could be just one of millions of point of views at our disposal. What would happen if all of a sudden your mind decides to show you [...]

Electric Catnip

That cat’s something I can’t explain Syd Barrett Where did the idea to celebrate the feline face through the psychedelia? I’ve always tried to capture the psychedelic [...]

Digital Nightmares

If you tried to face your nightmares, just like this, cynically, without any kind of hesitation or change of heart, maybe all your fears would roll in upon your arms, and [...]


If something crucial happened in Sheharzad Arshad’s life, as is often the case, it certainly lies in his childhood. Something sinister which also had the benefit to [...]


Being both an artist and a father, Rafael Alvarez is one of those trying to reconcile professional and private life, in his case, spending as much time as possible with his [...]

Maximal Minimalist

By focussing only what is most essential, Lukas Frischknecht a.k.a Wuukasch’s modern — and in part abstract — art has a strong emotional impact on the viewer. His [...]