They’re among Us

Mona Lisa has never been so close, as well as the wonderful Bouguereau figures or eternal stars like Elvis and Marilyn, even if sometimes they’re a little too abused, [...]

Quiet Essence

Urban illusions, still lifes and scents of women, this is the essence of the Evgeny Kornienko’s universe, who manages to catch the sensuality of every form, with his [...]

Endless Night

A cyberpunk night looming from all over corners of town, feels like it may never end. This is the atmosphere of Alexander Mandradjiev’s art, a concept designer, [...]

A simple story about emotions

If some day the perfect illustration is ever created, it will take the form of a short and simple story about emotions An architect by education, an illustrator by choice, [...]

Pixel Faker

Dear friend, what you see is only the imagination… Just an illusion… Not real This is the intro to Pixel Faker, a mysterious digital artist from Szeged, Hungary [...]

Into the cover

Inspired by the likes of Storm Thorgerson, with his surrealist work for Pink Floyd, modern art and Damien Hirst, after graduation from Bath Spa University in 2008, Jack [...]

Worlds That Never Were

Marcel van Luit is a Dutch based photographer and editor who thinks imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were — without it we go nowhere. So, he tries hard [...]

Digital Streets

When Adam Pizurny was a kid, he wanted to become an inventor. He fulfilled his dream but in a slightly different way. Throughout his childhood he drew on paper until [...]

Simple Magic Things

Making dreams come true is the aim of Kristina Makeeva, since she was 14. At that time she used to work with Photoshop, and once she has perfected her technique, two years [...]

Dixie Dreams

Illustrator, background and character designer, Dixie Leota is a nice freelance artist from Poland. By working as a storyboard artist at GS Animation studio, she has already [...]