La Machine

At the heart of La Machine’s artistic approach, movement is interpreted as a language, a source of emotion. Through each of their living architectures, you can dream [...]

Tableaux Vivants

It all started in 2006, when the Malatheatre company’s founder Ludovica Rambelli — passed away in April 2017 — gave a lecture at the University of Naples, on [...]


Mainly related to a genre of speculative fiction which is intended to frighten, scare, disgust, or startle its readers or viewers, the word horror comes from the Latin and [...]

Insomniac Rationality

It is not the slumber of reason that engenders monsters, but vigilant and insomniac rationality By using different media, such as sculpture, installation, drawing and [...]


We had already released something about the naked essence of Frida Kahlo, failing for some reason to consider her for a place in our Masters gallery. But then, illustrations [...]

Super Africa

Started as a continuation of a project he began in Indonesia, Alexander Eudier tries to keep the eye at the West’s benevolence towards Africa by photographing people who [...]


This is a world made of exhilarating scenes, absurd strips, tender and fun, with which you can certainly have a good time. Its broad stroke, its colorful style and the [...]

Snuff Puppets

Big, brute and anarchic, Snuff Puppets are a puppet company that combines the elements of puppetry, live music, visual and physical theatre to create a unique and [...]

Song of Freedom

Azad is a little boy who wonders why his bird sitting in a cage refuses to sing. Then the unfortunate bird tells that it’s hard to be happy and sing if you’re [...]

The Child Inside

How to reach the child on the other side? Or maybe inside of me? Jurga’s flair has revealed a completely new way of sculpting avoiding the refinement of the classical [...]