Bridging Two Worlds

Today, many people see the death of the body as the end of life. For most of human history, however, many believed — as some still do — that the dead continued to live on [...]

Sucker Tom

Once again we are dealing with something that requires some experience and open-mindedness about everything that is currently around us, so obsessively, which is often pure [...]

Stop Wasting Life

To celebrate the National Organ Donation Day, FATH — Argentinian Foundation of Liver Transplant — and advertising agency DDB, last year joined efforts to come up with a [...]

Anxiety Attacks

Everything seems to be set for a collage artist, especially when he comes from a place like Los Angeles. Using Instagram as his white cube, Johnny Smith blurs the line [...]

Drawing on location

When he left his full time job as an interior designer, Luke Adam Hawker was spending his time working in the high-end residential sector. Then, one day, he shifted his main [...]


Asked why Robert Leighton creates cartoons and puzzles, two apparently different kinds of work, he replied: “I think a puzzle is like a cartoon, like a joke, because [...]

Superhero in the New World

If he was a superhero, Joseph Nowak’s catchphrase would be: “I appreciate that you need my help but I’m in the middle of something.” Bright, bizarre or [...]

An Invitation

The stories and inspiration behind Andrea Kowch’s paintings “stem from life’s emotions and experiences, resulting in narrative, allegorical imagery that [...]

The Adventures of Messy Cow

Nothing but a comic about life and dream that might be useful for a variety of reasons, as in the case of a relationship where farting is still an embarrassment, especially [...]

Insulted by Hand

They drink tea every bloody day and have a cat army. They work on a 45 day turnaround and hate everyone, “but not you though, dear.” Which means that if you are [...]