Common People

It was around 1988, when Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker met the girl of one of his most famous hits, Common People. He was having a conversation with her at the bar at college [...]

Sound of Afternoon

Coming across the works of Hope Gangloff, is a bit like being enveloped by the refreshing embrace of your place, maybe after a hard day out in the city. Like getting settled [...]


Since his early childhood, when his grandmother read him a book, Nikolay — Nicholas — Tolmachev let loose in his world made of bizarre images. Most of all, he liked [...]


Life can be so hard, especially in some days where it seems to rough us in a special way. Fortunately there are some men who make it easy for us, thanks to their cute [...]


In the imagery of Anne Von Freyburg’s paintings, nature applies as an identifying fulcrum and irreversible fate. The stark figures can be seen as contemporary fossils [...]

Into Her Eyes

“The eyes tell all. If you look long and deep enough into those portals, she’ll tell you her story“. To Brian M. Viveros, the eyes are always the most important [...]

Digital Dream

Robert Jahns, aka Nois7, is one of the world’s leading modern Digital Artist, Photographer and Art Director, noted as one of the world’s 50 Best Instagram [...]

Zoo Station

Since 2006, Matthew Grabelsky has focused on creating paintings that combine the physical world that people see every day with imagery from mythology and dreams. So, what [...]

Beautiful Obscene

Maternity, exhibitionism, fetishism or obscenity, everything can deal with beauty if you know the rules and the potential of your means. Jan Saudek is one of those with a [...]

Pagan Portrait

New traces of sensuality in the digital inspirations by Charlie Terrell, an artistic raconteur and provocateur. Born in the deep heart of the South in Birmingham, Alabama, [...]