Welcome to an imaginary world where animals go to work, tyrants reveal a difficult adolescence and femme fatales have makeup problems. This shifted vision of the universe in [...]

The Creation of Adam

Generally thought to depict the excerpt “God created man in His own image, etc.,“ that of Michelangelo is perhaps the best known fresco painting of all time. [...]

Heidelberg Project

In 1986, artist Tyree Guyton returned to Heidelberg, the street where he grew up on Detroit’s East Side, Michigan, and found it in shambles, riddled with drugs and [...]

Out of the Trail

After nearly ten years of working in an office, two ulcers and a haemorrhage fate had put Petya Konstantinova on a crossroad and made her reconsider if she was on the right [...]

Joker’s Funhouse

Lego builder Paul Hetherington has a special talent for bringing the home-base of Batman’s most iconic foe to life, to the point of making him somehow enchanting and [...]

Forever 18

Our body can be a wonderful canvas, even if subject to a deterioration that no makeover can bring back to a new life — despite desperate and sometimes grotesque attempts. [...]


She’s a loner, she’s a lover. She’s just waiting for “the weird” to be considered beautiful, maybe someday. She loves to make people [...]

Soul Minimalism

All made with a smartphone, the reality represented by Frankfurt photographer and editor Nikolai Muth, aka Nikolator, focuses on small elements, which get a surreal and [...]

American Beauty

Beauty turns violet in the series by Carey Lynne Fruth, a way to challenge some standards in a country scarred by a depressing barrage of products and services. Inspired by [...]