Fried Chicken Legs

There are no more limits to the eccentricity of mankind, so after the Marble Legs, here’s the Fried Chicken Legs. According to its retailer Cieken, or whatever, [...]

Planetarium Night Sky

A romantic night, lying on a blanket together, watching the stars above? You can have that whenever you want, since the Planetarium Night Sky Projector turns every room into [...]

Peaches in Panties

We had already seen something like this in the pink caramel dimension by Arvida Byströms , then we found out that a few years ago a Chinese fruit seller submitted a panty [...]

Amore e Bellezza

In a new garden theme interpreted in a grassy tinsel dress, lawn slides, and literal flowerbeds turned into top, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana’s fashions continued in [...]

Optical Illusion

Architects and artists have clever ways of confusing your eyes. Their designs can trick you into seeing two-dimensional paintings as three-dimensional objects. They can add [...]

O Christmas Tree

Did you put your Christmas tree up yet? No? Or not yet? You’re not up to it, this year? Do you need a really great idea, a special advice to keep it safe from your [...]

This Crazy Christmas

Everybody loves lights going on and off, the snow coming down to the music — Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow — or Santa coming down the chimney, at a certain time [...]

Dear Santa

How to merge old traditions with the tech-filled world we live in? Somebody tried it by writing a sweet letter to Santa, including an indecipherable URL code for online [...]

Modern Nativity

In conservative and a little provincial countries such as Italy, it’s never that hard to raise scandal or indignation, especially when it comes to tradition or some [...]

Ride with a Celebrity

Are you tired of riding around with the same people who don’t draw any attention to your car, yourself and your life? Slow down, pull up and get your boring passengers [...]