Building Dreams

Over the years, K. Welch Homes has established itself as a prestigious construction company in Southern Utah. Their mission is simple, “Build their client’s dreams”. [...]


The self-help industry tells you that if you’re positive, if you put your best foot forward and if you just believe in yourself that you will find happiness. [...]

The Cave

According to HeimPlanet, after an exhilarating, yet tiring day of exploration and adventure out in the great outdoors, the last thing you want to do is assemble a tent for [...]

Marble Legs

Just the other day, miss Jessie Pridemore — master of disguise, nerdy seamstress, cosplayer, tron enthusiast and contestant on Syfy’s Cosplay Melee — received an [...]

Burning Man

Each year, for a single week, thousands of free-minded people and curious persons from all over the planet build from scratch an entire town in the Black Rock Desert of [...]

3D Crossing

3D Street Art as an aid for safety and traffic issues? This is what happened in the small fishing village of Ísafjörður, Iceland, where a 3D pedestrian crossing was [...]

Ok Computer

Welcome to the late seventies, when we start to see women actually using the new technology in the home, or in their careers. However, mostly it was still in secretarial [...]

Forever Entangled

She said “tell me something beautiful” And he said “(i∂̸ – m) ψ = 0” Maybe you already ran into this short romantic story, about “the [...]

Robert Planta

Since little Robert enjoyed spending time in the woods watching the geometry in nature, plants, flowers, leaves, everything that surrounded him, one day, intrigued by the [...]

In Rainbows

The International Church of Cannabis is a non-profit and the first large gathering place in the world where those who consume cannabis in order to help achieve their [...]