16th Avenue Tiled Steps

Born as a neighborhood collaboration to create a sea to stars themed mosaic flowing up a 163 step stairway, the 16th Avenue Tiled Steps is a project started in a grassroots [...]

Slap It

Despite its real functional purpose, our lower back still remains one of the most attractive body parts. This is not escaped Joseph Begley’s attention, London-based [...]

Tunnel of Love

It is said that young lovers, strolling hand-in-hand down these tracks, can make a wish and if they are sincere in their love it will come true. The Tunnel of Love — [...]

Rainbow Village

This is another great story about a man who has used the power of art and colors as the only way to preserve the place where he chose to spend his days. The man is Huang [...]

Record Player

Mohammad Mohiedine Anis’s passion is vintage cars, an interest he inherited from his father. He drove a 1950 Pontiac, which Mohammad still owns today. 70 years old, he [...]

House in Montalcino

When the owners purchased the lot, there were a number of abandoned old buildings on it, including a mill with a water wheel and a church. All surrounded by the natural [...]

Enchanted Forest

An enchanted forest is a forest under, or containing, enchantments. Such forests are described in the oldest folklore from regions where forests are common, and occur [...]

Empty Metro

David Burdeny, tough photographer from Canada, spent a year trying to get access to document the Moscow’s Metro stations between midnight and 6 a.m., when the trains were [...]

Seda Monastery

George Doupas, from Athens, is just one of the last photographers to capture and talking about the Seda Monastery — the world’s largest school for Tibetan Buddhism. [...]


In Morocco, situated in the Rif Mountains, there is a city whose old town is heavenly and blue. It’s Chefchaouen, or Chaouen, as it is often called by Moroccans. The [...]