A kiss is (not) just a kiss

These days, in some countries such as Italy, the virus seems to have brought back to the surface all the anxieties and inconsistencies which were dragging along into the [...]

Shoot the Virus

It’s not just toilet paper: People line up to buy guns and ammo to fight the virus in their own way. We’re in the US, where lengthy lines formed outside the [...]

Pandemic Playlist

And now it turns out the virus is putting songs like R.E.M.’s It’s the End of the World As We Know It on charts. We hadn’t thought about it — it’s [...]

Wash Your Lyrics

You just need a song title and artist, and you can instantly generate your poster to wash your hands, in the required time … Continue [...]

Blinding Ink

Aleksandra wanted her eyeballs blacked, but fate had put her in the wrong painter’s path. He is a Piotr A, now facing three years in prison for unintentionally severely [...]

Life on Mars?

It’s the largest and highest-resolution panorama of the red planet, since the launch of Curiosity — a car-sized rover designed to explore the crater Gale on Mars, as [...]


While media and governments are doing their best to keep us nailed home, someone just seems to be working hard to make our stay more fun and exciting. They are those of Wish, [...]