Blood Moon

Blood moon comes from the rusty red appearance during a total lunar eclipse, when the moon is in the Earth’s shadow. The color is caused by blue light scattering as the [...]

10 Year Challenge

In the last couple of weeks, millions have taken part in the #10YearChallenge by posting a 2009 photo of themselves next to a recent one, to show how much they’ve [...]

Glitter Poop Pills

Ok, this is at the top of the list of the weirdest things seen for some time. Etsy and similar sites are currently selling these glitter-filled capsules with the intention of [...]


“Tents” that hang off the side of cliffs aren’t actually tents, they are portable ledges, or Portaledges as they are called. The idea is on long steep Climbs where [...]

Interactive Bedroom

We met him on the occasion of his 360° image of Bedroom in Arles by Vincent van Gogh. Now we can see Sokolovsky Ruslan’s model in Augmented Reality, thanks to AR and [...]


Officially, it is a well-known piece by Balthasar Permoser, dated ca. 1680–85 and already replicated some years ago by the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the MakerBot [...]

Moon Lamp

Thy beauty makes me like the child That cries aloud to own thy light The lines from William Henry Davies to introduce the magic atmosphere you can get with a premium 3D [...]

Joe & Indie

After becoming a global meme because of their nice picture shared on Reddit, now the couple and the shot seem like are becoming a sort of fashion model for a new clothing [...]

How to Sleep Well

It looks like one of those photoshopped pictures we see everyday, scrolling up on the Internet. Actually, that book is real, and it seems to be working. Written by Dr. Neil [...]

Eros 2019

How would you feel if you were told this is going to be a year in the spirit of Eros? According to the spiritual significance of numbers, the numerology energy represented by [...]