Ashes Vinyl

Your ashes playing forever through a record? With the comeback of the vinyl, the UK company Andvinyly made up a little bizarre package, wich is to take your actual cremated [...]

Naked Frida

So many words have already been said or written about Frida Kahlo, that it would be quite unnecessary to repeat them all over again. Here, we will dwell on telling, through a [...]

Château de Beauvoir

Although for many artists, especially those of the past, it has never been so important, for some sensitive souls, inspiration is closely linked to the places where they [...]

Cabin Utopia

Since 1989, Richard Greaves has devoted himself to the creation of a huge architectural environment in Beauce, Quebec, by erecting cabins that appear to be on the verge of [...]

Fairy Trip

From Lapland to Hobbiton, passing by the northern lights, the colourful countryside of Provence or the suggestive sunsets of Tuscany, Andrey Chabrov captures his journey with [...]


Halfway between mask and headgear, hats get out of their primary function to achieve a real ornamental purpose. There are many companies dealing with this new trend, and [...]

Bird’s Eye

The Earth is Art, The Photographer is only a Witness This is a Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s thought, founder of the Altitude Agency — 1991 —, which was the world’s [...]

Genderless Nipples

The story is always the same: “why even bother banning female nipples if they can be so similar to male ones?”. Even if you completely agree and always against this [...]

Horny Places

“Masturbating at work is more common than you think”… As well as for some of our most intimate and very common moments which, next to forthcoming duties, [...]