Blinding Ink

about Aleksandra Sadowska

Aleksandra wanted her eyeballs blacked, but fate had put her in the wrong painter’s path. He is a Piotr A, now facing three years in prison for unintentionally severely disabling the model by using body ink for tattooing skin — which should not come into contact with the eye. She is Aleksandra Sadowska, a 25-year-old model from Wroclaw, Poland, who has reportedly gone blind in one eye after the tattoo artist made an attempt to dye her eyeballs from white to black. Her fault lied in wanting to do it so that she could look like rap artist Popek — who did the same with his eyes.

Unfortunately for Aleksandra, she started complaining of pains in her eyes, with the tattooist telling her there was no cause of alarm and then instructed her to take painkillers as it was normal. She, however, lost sight in her right eye a few days after the tattoo and doctors have told the model that the damage was irreparable and that she could soon lose sight in her left eye too. Piotr has pleaded not guilty, but this seems to be so irrelevant now.
Aleksandra will have to start learning to see everything differently. No one will be able to give her sight again — for now.

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