A futuristic punk world

What has always made a Hell on earth
has been that man has tried to make it
his Heaven

Friedrich Hölderlin

She’s a sort of mutating drag star, coming from some planet somewhere, with a fantastical take on reality. Her name comes from the song Salvia Plath by the band Teen Suicide — a clear reference to the American poet Sylvia Plath — and of course is also a nod to the hallucinogenic drug salvia.

Born in the village of Cyffylliog, Wales, Salvia portrays a futuristic punk world through a digital approach to art — she sometimes makes her own clothes. Like many personalities of Instagram, she does receive a barrage of comments, some mean, some confused, and some positive: “Whenever someone has something loving or kind to say I appreciate it so much, but negative and immature reactions are just one of the many signs of the ignorance and trans-misogyny that is still vastly present in society.”

2 Commenti su Salvia

  1. Riesci sempre a sorprendermi. 😘

  2. Disgusting !


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