Computers are stupid

about John Conway

There is a widely held notion that art, as we knew it, is dead. There is no more stylisic innovation, no where to go.. John Conway is not of this opinion. “There’s more to art than style, what art represents matters,” he said. So in the pursuit of the new, he explores some subjects that are not often found fine art.

“It is difficult to believe that our vastly expanded knowledge of the world, and our continuing experiences in it, aren’t providing enough to keep painting fresh — Dinosaur palaeontology alone provides artists with enough subject matter to fill a career!”

All John’s art is digital and mainly painted in Adobe Photoshop.

“People sometimes think that because you’re making art on a computer, it does the work for you. But this is not the case. Computers are stupid, so things need to be painted or drawn just as painstakingly as you would in real life. Working digitally means that I can correct my pictures without limit, which in turn means that preliminary sketches aren’t really necessary.”

John has made two books with his friends Darren Naish and C.M. Kosemen, All Yesterdays about reconstructing dinosaurs and their relations, and Cryptozoologicon, about mystery animals in 2013.


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