about Salim Zerrouki

Salim Zerrouki illustrates absurd and funny situations. There’s a number among the letters of his stage name, but none of them seem to have noticed it. So as no one seems to have noticed some daily issues like the difference between an eye and a tit, a pad and a tampon, or the two sides of a headphone. Salim is also the anonymous creator behind the character of Yahia Boulahia.

Born in Algeria, today Salim resides in Tunisia. As for “snacks” in the Tunisian-Algerian dialect or “little joke” in Algerian slang, Ta7richa is meant to be a playful and funny world, without being devoid of any critical sense towards society. “If I had to exhibit in Morocco and Algeria, I would probably have to talk about other objects, but in any case, I like to break the taboos, the codes, the customs.”


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