Then and Now

Recreating the past

Oh, looking at pictures and regretting the lightness of a time that never comes back… Or, maybe, yes? Perhaps, trying to relive a moment in time is still possible, somehow. Maybe by recreating it! Striking those poses and making those faces again, just to prove that despite time going by, some things always stay the same. A way to remember and find that indispensable lightness, because sometimes we still need it so much.

We don’t know how and where this practice was born, but surely it has grown within a short time. The Luxton Brothers made it into a blog, someone else simply took it as a challenge, or a way to laugh and light the hangover. Something funny, interesting and very moving too. “They had no faith that I could hold them both,” said Michael Shelby, the father who lifts his “babies” at sea, “but watching me steadily improve all my lifts, they finally came around.”

1 Commento su Then and Now

  1. Eef Baakman // 2019/01/25 alle 08:20 // Rispondi

    Mi poacciono molto.


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