Lost at Sea

about Emiliano Sala

We don’t usually take on football matters, but, before being a football player, Emiliano Sala is a guy lost at sea, together with the 60-year-old pilot of the Piper Malibu plane, Dave Ibbotson, travelling between Nantes and Cardiff last Monday night. And his story struck us. A couple of days ago we were watching Cast Away, and since the Malibu went off the radar near Alderney, in the Channel Islands, the hope is that the same fate of Tom Hanks is happened to Emiliano too, even if Guernsey Police say that there has been “no trace” of the aircraft, and the chances of survival are “unfortunately slim”.

Born on October 1990, in Santa Fe, Argentina, Emiliano signed for the Cardiff City club on Saturday and had been back to France to do “never-ending stuff” and say goodbye to his old teammates in Nantes. The last record of his life is a WhatsApp voice message he sent to friends talking about his fears in the moments before the crash.


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