Factory Dreams

about Mimmo Laganà

At the age of 7, Mimmo Laganà was already an apprentice in a studio of cinematographic illustrations and theatrical choreography. At the age of 12, he worked in a workshop of mobile sculptures — or cars. At 18, he did hear the call of the automobile capital, a long-dreamed destination: Turin. It was the sixties, an artistic fervor in which Mimmo dived into, by participating in group exhibitions and attending both famous painters and debut artists, in order to achieve an artistic maturity that was not easy to reach. In the meantime, he opened a restoration workshop for vintage cars — Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo and Fiat. These memorabilia are entrusted to him so that he could bring them back to their ancient splendor.

One day, Mimmo invented a carousel and the first character to inaugurate it is Pluto. Finally, from an old shed of 3000 square meters in Balangero — Turin — Mimmo gives birth to the Factory Dreams, a permanent exhibition of his works and those of up-and-coming artists. The “Folly” section of the Turin Automobile Museum has been curated by him, a place where you can admire things like the Panda turned into a kitchen, or the legendary Beetle and 500 into beds, and more.


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