Stronger Gender

A project by Boondoggle for Shedeals

A man who has stayed true to his debatable sense of style for 25 years undergoes a complete metamorphosis as soon as a woman enters his life. The advert ends with the following: “If one woman can pull this off, imagine what all women can achieve together.” And who knows what metalheads might think.

Created by the agency Boondoggle for the online shop owned by Sanoma Media, Shedeals, the original TV advert is intended to demonstrate why women are the stronger gender, and how being a woman has plenty of advantages. You can accomplish things that men can only dream of. “You can sit in a bar all night without paying for one drink. You can avoid a fine by batting your eyelashes and there is always a victim around to carry those heavy bags for you. A woman even has the innate ability to transform her partner into a man you can actually take to visit your parents.”


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