Butcher Billy

A pop culture mean butcher

Since Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, artists love to celebrate and dissacrate at the same time what is considered pop culture. Butcher Billy is one of these. His work consists of taking elements from a variety of sources, like music, comics, movies and video games, and mashing them all together to come up with something that often draws on nostalgia, but also provides the audience with a fresh take on a familiar scene.

Born in Curitiba, Brazil, in 1978, Butcher’s education is graphic designer. His work started going viral on the internet in 2012 via social media, and since then he has been getting attention online and offline from newspapers, books, magazines and vehicles such as The Guardian/Observer, Rolling Stone and NME. Among his series, The Post-Punk/New Wave Super Friends, The Superhero Media Crossover Project and The Legion of Real Life Supervillains Project which caused debates in many countries for the use of controversial figures such as Adolf Hitler, Charles Manson, Chairman Mao Zedong, Osama bin Laden and Mark Zuckerberg.


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