Forbidden Fruit

about Stephanie Sarley

By reimagining how people look at food, Stephanie Sarley has come to be known throughout her surrealistic fruit art videos, as well as notable photographs Cream Cup, and Blood Orange. These pieces are touching on personal agency and sexuality.

Stephanie is a prolific multimedia artist creating her own world of art, using humor and absurdity to boldly challenge how art and sexuality is perceived and defined. Working now mainly in the digital space, she is heavily inspired by internet culture and the phenomenon of mass sharing and misappropriation on the web while exploring female identity.

Working in an array of mediums with a background in fine arts, the artist has created the ongoing series Fruit Art Videos, Crotch Monsters and Orcunts, and has published a surrealistic coloring book, Dick Dog And Friends. Her digital art as well encompasses a wide spectrum of works of multiple series of digital paintings, films, gifs and photographs along with her original drawings and paintings.

On three occasions in a single month, in 2016, Instagram suspended and restored her account. This censorship and her presence on the internet garnered press on the topic. Her work has been commercialized, copyright infringed, memed and appropriated on an large scale internationally, which has caused her to be become vocal on issues regarding ownership of your image in the virtual space.

“It’s hard for people who have not been exposed to a lot of different kinds of art and who are unwilling to be open to new exciting concepts to think critically about my work. They get uncomfortable. It makes them feel something so they get angry or grossed out.

I believe that the reason women and girls give negative responses to me is sometimes because of internalized misogyny and their body image insecurities. A lot of the time though, it’s just closed mindedness, jealousy and unhappiness. These are the classic characteristics of a troll — it can be a man, a woman, it doesn’t matter.”



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