The Wearer – Let’s be mad together

The importance of a dress

It’s never been something rare to dress in a freakish way. You saw doing it on the street or along the foreshore, or maybe by peeping through some windows. Sometimes you laughed or were horrified, but some other time maybe you felt a certain envy for that effrontery to defy the looks and the moral sense, or you even fell in love with the elegance of a stubborn charming wearer. In any case, you’ve got to understand how important a dress or a simple shirt tag can be for some people…

And maybe you’ll finally start to see them in this whole new light, even if you still think they have quite simply lost their heads.

Gucci Fall Winter 2018 (Exit 1)

Viktor & Rolf haute couture autumn/winter ’18/’19 collection

Nothing can stop shopping (Venice) Photo: Claudia Manzo

Engineering Family by René Maltête

Death to Hipsters shirt

Alain Delon, Marianne Faithfull, Mick Jagger (1968)

Devil Inside, From Juergen Teller

Bai Ling at the Internation Film Fashion Awards at the Saban Theater in Los Angeles, CA

Karen Elson by Tim Walker

Elizabeth II at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts (Norwich)

Pastyle in Florence, Italy

The Crow style

Spider-Man from I am Winnie the Pooh series by Benjamin Béchet

Cookie Elmo


Homer Style


Head Over Heels series by Patrice Letarnec

Monkey from Wounderland series by Mothmeister

Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter in Sweeney Todd by Tim Burton

Nobody understands us,
let’s be mad together

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