Collage Class

about Steven Quinn

There was a time when, even at school, we used to cut out images from books and magazines, hidden in the desks — maybe during math classes. Those were hard times, we didn’t have much. But the few things we had, if properly combined with each other, were able to bring our imagination straight up to the level of dreams.

Just like one of those dreaming minds lost in the magic of collage dimension, Steven Quinn plays with imagery in a fresh and unique way, toying with ideas and twisting images from their original context into new and sometimes humorous narratives. Faces protrude from mountain ranges, 1950s families frolic beside nuclear explosions, burning planets and more.

Belfast-born, now London-based, Steven creates epic pieces pasted together from cut-outs of old magazines, Books & calendars. The results are devastatingly poignant landscapes and portraits, and, according to collage tradition, often with an apocalyptic theme.


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