Vulnerable Fighter

about Ágnes Éva Molnár

It’s not too difficult to get what are the themes at the centre of Ágnes Éva Molnár’s artistic interest, even on a first glance. Her focus has been lingering for years on the subject of gender inequality, violation of human rights and power relations in society.

Proof of this lies in series like La Santa, inspired by El Santo, the Mexican legend of the local mixed martial arts, in which the criticism is directed at the inequality between genders in Mexico — where women are still often regarded as expendable, secondary citizens —, Profane Holiness, on one hand a series about the difference between the average, the Profane and the sacred — the Holy which is extraordinary, something what we miss from our life —, on the other hand a series about female roles — Ágnes turned almost all the models into a female one with the aim of obtaining slightly new features — or Pin Up, where pin-up figure sheds some light on another problematic gender-related phenomenon, or on house chores. A criticism about how we — both men and women — look at the female body and think about it, employing humour as a tool.

Born in Hungary, Ágnes is a media artist working in the genres of photography, video and performance art. Her photographs are usually staged or half-staged, by means of being the scene staged in which an action is taking place that she documents.

“I used to set myself on my images, I consider it as a role-play. It questions the role of the photographer and the model, additionally raise the question of the boundary between the self and the role played. Photographic self-portraits also cast light on the fact that the person captured on the image is always confronted with the public, thus vulnerable.


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